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June 4th is National Cheese Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then thank a cow because it's National Cheese Day!  OK, you can thank some goats and sheep too ;).  Let's get right into celebrating National Cheese Day!


Because, unless you're vegan or lactose intolerant, then you've been eating cheese for quite some time now. You might even eat it every single day! And when something is that popular I think it deserves to be celebrated... hence, National Cheese Day!  Cheese has been around for so long that there not even sure where it first popped up. It was an edible treat even before people started recording history! So it's a prehistoric treat? They are assuming that cheese production started in around 8,000 BC to 3,000 BC, about the time sheep were starting to be domesticated. And their theory on how it all came about?

From storing milk in an animals stomach that eventually became curdled of course! I'm glad we've moved onto storing food in things other than animal organs but that very well may have been how cheese got its start.  And can you guess how much cheese people produce these days? Well, it's no surprise that the United States is on the top of the list with 4,275,000 tons in 2006! That is A LOT of cheese! And it's no surprise when you look at all the varieties of cheese available... you've got your cheddar, American, blue, cream, goat, cottage, pepper jack, Colby, Swiss, provolone and on and on and on. You will never run out of cheese choices!  Who's ready to cut the cheese? ;)


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, my first choice would be to head to your local deli. Want to know why? Because you could actually celebrate for free! Go to your deli counter and look at all the cheeses they have then ask the person behind the counter about some cheese that interests you. Make it known that you've never had it before but that you're not sure if you want it and I'm willing to bet they offer to let you sample it. Free cheese! If you like it, go ahead and have them slice you up some. You can be sly and ask to sample another cheese if you like too.  And when you get your cheeses home now you can start putting them to use. What will you make with your cheese? Well that depends on the type of cheese you got, of course. You could make sandwiches, a cheese cake, have some cottage cheese on the side with some fruit, have homemade macaroni and cheese, nachos and so on. There's no way that you can't find something to make with cheese that almost every single person will enjoy.  But if you're like me, you like strange and new things so search for that in your cheese today! Look for cheeses that you've never heard of or tried before. Some people put some interesting things in their cheese; I've even seen chocolate cheese. This is always my favorite way to celebrate because you expand your horizons and explore the different things that are out there. Are you brave enough to try Limburger cheese?  Enjoy your day and make it a cheesy one!

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