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February 20th is National Cherry Pie Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then go grab a fork because it's National Cherry Pie Day!  This is probably one of the most popular pies out there.  Let's get right into celebrating National Cherry Pie Day!


Cherry pie has to be one of the most common pies out there next to apple pie, so do you really need to ask why people want to celebrate it? The warm, flaky crust filled with sweet cherry pie filling is way too tempting for most to pass up and today you don't have to! Dig in!  This happens to be one of my favorite pies to eat and it is quite simple to make, depending on how you want to go about things. All you really need is pie crust and cherry pie filling. And cherry pie filling is easy to come by, since a lot of companies have it waiting for you in a canned form.

So pretty much all you have to do is open up the can, scoop the cherries into the pie crust, seal it on top with another pie crust and bake it as directed. Simple and oh so delicious!  It appears that the most common type of cherries to use in a cherry pie are Morello cherries, which are sour cherries. People like to use sour cherries so that they can decide how sweet their pie will be with their other pie filling ingredients, instead of letting the cherries decide the level of sweetness. This gives you a slight, sour zing as you bite into your cherries.  I'm not sure who made the first cherry pie, but I thank them every time I bite into a slice!


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, it all depends on how much effort you want to put into your celebration.  If you want to relax then you have a couple options.  You can order a slice of cherry pie when you go out to eat today.  Kick back and relax and have someone bring your freshly baked slice right to you. 

Or you can go to the store and pick up a whole ready-made cherry pie to munch on all day.  Or just a single slice if you're trying not to overdo things ;).  Some companies even make mini pies that you can eat on the go.  Some come in plastic packages with glazed pie crust and other are literal mini pies with pie tins and all.  Or you can get some ready-made pie crusts, unroll them, pop them in a pie tin, fill it with cherry pie filling, seal the pie crust on top and bake your own pie.  But if that doesn't suit your tongue then you can make your own pie crust from scratch along with your own pie filling.  It does seem like the more effort you put into cooking something the better it tastes and the healthier it will be.  Preservatives are never a good thing!  Regardless of how you decide to celebrate today, I hope you make your tongue smile by feeding it some cherry pie!

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