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September 1st is National Cherry Popover Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then it's time to exercise those jaw muscles a little because it's National Cherry Popover Day!  Don't worry, it's not much of a workout at all!  Let's get right into celebrating National Cherry Popover Day!


Well, people love cherries so you're not going to be able to keep them from sneaking them into their baked goods. But when it comes to a popover, the consistency pleases many on a level that a cake, muffins and pie cannot. Perhaps they enjoy watching how it rises as it bakes but I think the light, fluffy texture is what really draws then in, especially when you round it off with the sweetness of cherries. So, once again, the popularity of a food has sealed the deal and cemented yet another food holiday for the archives.  So, what is a popover? Well, the name was chosen because it pops over the muffin pan or whatever you're baking them in. It rises up above it and leaves a pocket underneath. And what gives them this magical lift? Eggs! Their dough consists of more eggs than most other dough and there's really no need for other ingredients to lift it to new heights; the eggs have that covered. If you've ever had Yorkshire pudding then you've pretty much had the same thing. Popovers are kind of like the Americanized version of Yorkshire pudding.  This treat seems to have been around since at least 1876 and is going strong in the culinary world. But if you want a cherry popover then all you need are some fresh or dried cherries. Once you have your batter in your pan you just sprinkle the cherries on top. Usually they will leave a little tunnel where each cherry was dropped because the batter rises up around it and the cherry stays pretty still. It's a unique treat that is worth giving a chomp.  Are your taste buds ready for it?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, you might be lucky enough to have a bakery or even a small diner near you that pumps out cherry popovers on the regular. If that's the case then you know what to do! But if you can't locate them in their ready to eat form then you might just have to make your own. So look up a recipe online and get ready to be surprised with how simple the recipe is.  Then head on down to your grocery store to get your supplies and maybe even a special, popover muffin pan. And if you want to have some fun while they're baking then why don't you take bets on which popover is going to rise the highest? Then just huddle around the window in the oven door and see who wins. What is the winner's prize? Twice the cherry popovers that everyone else gets!  But if you like to get creative with your popovers then flip them over and try to think of some good ways to take advantage of that little pocket on the bottom. You pretty much have a muffin bowl when you flip them over so why not slap some whipped cream in there or cream cheese? You could even scoop in some cherry pie filling or heck, go with a little ice cream. That pocket is just screaming to be filled up with something delicious so shut that thing up! Why the heck are your popovers making so much noise anyway?  Have a great day and enjoy the extra lift!

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