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August 26th is National Cherry Popsicle Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then head to your freezer because it's National Cherry Popsicle Day!  Ah yes, it's time for "the red one" to get some recognition!  Let's get right into celebrating National Cherry Popsicle Day!


Well, if you were to poll the people of the world you would probably find out that cherry is the number one popsicle flavor out there today, even if they do refer to it by its color. I mean almost all of the popsicle flavor rankings I've seen it online have it up in the top choices. So with that many people loving on this flavor of a frozen treat, it's only right that it gets a special day to celebrate its popularity!  And yes, Popsicle is a specific brand of ice pop that was invented by an 11 year old named Frank Epperson in 1905. He created this beautiful invention on accident when he left a cup of powdered soda and water out on his porch overnight in cold weather. When he came out to get it, his stirring stick was frozen in the mixture and thus sparked the wonderful idea of Popsicles.

But, even though Unilever may not like it, popsicle has also become a generic term for almost any ice pop. So when someone refers to a cherry popsicle, they might not mean the actual Popsicle brand. I know I'm guilty of that! And that helps broaden this celebration even more by letting in frozen treats like fruit bars, multi-flavored popsicles and tons of other frozen cherry treats. There's no reason to get mad though Unilever, your Popsicles are still getting eaten too!  Which brand will you choose? ;)


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, I bet a lot of you are going to be able to take the easy way out and be able to celebrate just by walking over to your freezer. Yeah, you know you have some cherry popsicles in there waiting for you! And hey, you're always welcome to sing a little song or do a dance as you open the freezer door to show your love for what's about to melt in your mouth. No one else will know what's going on but you'll sure be having a good time!  But if you're all out of cherry popsicles then head on down to the grocery store and see what you can find. Sure, you could go with your basic, run of the mill cherry popsicle but there might be something new hiding on the shelves that you've never tried before. Companies are always trying to step up their popsicle game so take them up on the challenge and try to find a cherry popsicle you've never eaten before.  And if you don't mind waiting a few hours for your treat then you can make your own! All you really need is an ice cube tray, a cup or you can opt for a fancy popsicle mold if you like. Then it's up to you to decide what goes into your cherry popsicles. Will you opt for real cherries or some powdered drink mix? Will you layer it with other flavors or will you let cherry take the reigns on this one? You could even get really sneaky and use food coloring to mask the true flavor of your popsicle. Dye it orange or blue and hand it to someone and see if they can figure out what flavor it really is.  Have a great day and share some with your younger sister!

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