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April 9th is National Chinese Almond Cookie Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready to pop some deliciousness in your mouth because it's National Chinese Almond Cookie Day!  I bet you can't resist having more than one!  Let's get right into celebrating National Chinese Almond Cookie Day!


Like almost all food holidays, this is a holiday just because the cookies taste so good that people want to celebrate them. And once you bite into one of these crumbly cookies you might want to celebrate them more than once a year yourself! Heck, if I mention these to my dad his eyes light up like it's Christmas.  Chinese almond cookies (or biscuits or cake) have that lovely almond taste with actual almonds either inside the cookie batter or a single, blanched almond will be popped on the top of each cookie. They're made like most cookies; you've got your flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, oil, egg and almond extract. But this is one of the most common pastries you'll see coming out of Hong Kong or any Chinatown bakery.

You see, these cookies are loved worldwide! In fact, if you go the Ruins of the Cathedral of St. Paul in Macau you're going to see 10 to 20 different stores ALL selling different varieties of almond cookies! And I'm pretty sure you can get these in most Chinese restaurants around here. So the popularity for these cookies is definitely there and that's why everybody wants to celebrate them.  So let's get a chomping!


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, the easiest way is to head on down to your local grocery store and search for some Chinese almond cookies. Not every grocery store will have them but, once you find them, celebrating is as easy as popping these cookies in your mouth. But don't forget to share them with anyone you see with a frown on their face! I've heard they're great with ice cream too ;).

But I think one of the most rewarding ways to celebrate would be to go out to eat at a Chinese restaurant or buffet and then finish off your meal with some almond cookies. This might take some slight research beforehand, to be sure they have almond cookies, but this is one way to have an overly satisfying celebration. I might be a little biased though; I LOVE Chinese food!  I don't think I'd get sick of Asian cuisine if I ate it every single day for the rest of my life.  And of course you're always welcome to take a stab at baking up your own Chinese almond cookies! There are tons of different recipes online so find one that's rated really high and get to cooking. You'll end up with a ton of cookies but trust me, they won't last long ;). You may even end up having a competition to see who can eat a cookie the fastest without even knowing it!  Enjoy your day and don't be afraid to dunk these babies in some milk! I wouldn't blame you one bit if you did.

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