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April 21st is National Chocolate-Covered Cashews Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then break out your chocolate blankets because it's National Chocolate-Covered Cashews Day!  What nut doesn't taste good covered in chocolate?  Let's get right into celebrating National Chocolate-Covered Cashews Day!


You know, with these food holidays it's really hard to figure out who started the celebration and if there was a specific reason for the date chosen, and today's no different! So all you can assume is that a group of chocolate-covered cashew lovers got together and said, "You know, these things need their own holiday, they're that good!" Everyone agreed as they munched on them and BAM, a holiday was born!  But there are actually some good reasons for you to join in on the celebration... I mean other than just the taste! First of all, chocolate isn't an evil candy when you look at the facts. Chocolate has antioxidants, helps with blood pressure and even balances out your hormones.

Dark chocolate can even lower your cholesterol and some studies have shown that chocolate consumption reduces your chances of having a stroke!  And if that's not enough, cashews have their own bag full of benefits too! They have a lower fat content than most nuts and most of the fat they do contain is unsaturated fat; the good kind ;). Cashews also have their own antioxidants and are packed with nutrients like copper, magnesium and phosphorus. And it's been found that eating nuts will lower your risk of packing on the fatty pounds.  So now you have many reasons to eat a handful of chocolate-covered cashews today!


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, celebrating could be as easy as heading down to your local grocery store or candy store and picking up a bag of chocolate-covered cashews.  Then munch away as you celebrate the deliciousness!  Don't forget to share with others and possibly launch them at each others mouths and see who can catch the most.  Just don't drop them on the floor; that's no way to celebrate!  Thank goodness for the 30 second rule, huh?

Or you could pick up some chocolate and cashews separately and make your own.  It doesn't take long at all and you can get really creative with it.  You can use milk chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate or you can use them all!  Dip them in dark chocolate, let them cool down, then dip them in milk chocolate, let them cool down and then dip them one more time in white chocolate.  Now tell me that doesn't sound delicious!   Or you can go on a hunt for things that technically would still count as chocolate-covered cashews.  Yeah that's right, if the cashew has chocolate surrounding it then it still counts!  So think of all the chocolate treats that have cashews in them, or could have cashews added to them!  Chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk shakes, brownies, fudgsicles, chocolate cake and so on.  Have fun with it!  Enjoy your day and toss back an extra handful for me!

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