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December 28th is National Chocolate Candy Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready for a sugar high because it's National Chocolate Candy Day!  I'm sure you have a lot of candy you can polish off today!  So, let's get right into celebrating National Chocolate Candy Day!


Because chocolate is loved by many and there seems to be an abundance of chocolate candy passed around at this time of year. And when you have that much candy sitting around, you can either hold onto it, and eat a little every day and ruin your New Year's resolution, or you can binge a bit and polish it off on days like this one. It's yet another day for the chocolate addicts, where it's OK to let loose until you can't stand the taste of chocolate anymore.  I mean, think of all the chocolate candy that is normally given as gifts around this time of year. There are those chocolate covered cherries or the chocolates that come in tins, with a little "map" as to which chocolate is which. There are chocolates that were poured into molds, so that they'd have an appropriate holiday shape, and there are fancy truffles. And even chocolate-dipped cake pops are becoming a new holiday tradition.

The chocolate candy is there for you to munch upon, and we'd rather it not go to waste, right? I mean, you only have a month or so until you'll be loaded up on Valentine's Day candy, so you don't want to stockpile to keep building! So do you have it in you? Can you manage to knock out a good portion of your chocolate candy today?  Good; I didn't think I'd have to twist your arm too much! 


So, how can you celebrate today?  Go break into your candy stash; you know you have one hidden somewhere! Enjoy a ton of chocolate candy at once or eat a few pieces with every meal. It's all up to what you can handle and how much chocolate candy you really have on hand. And if you honestly don't have any, and you're not allergic to chocolate, then you're going to have to head to the store!  And guess what? All the holiday candy is probably still going to be on clearance, so take advantage of those prices! You might just be able to afford all your favorites. And you're always welcome to have a little fun, when choosing your candy, too! Blindfold someone with you and let them loose in the candy aisle to pick out a few things for you to bring home. If it has chocolate in it then it's a winner! And if you're alone, you can just head to the candy stand at the checkout aisle, close your eyes and let your chocolate sensors lead you to your candy treasures.

But we're not done having fun yet! Why don't you go round up a bunch of different chocolate candies that you love? Alright, now grab a nice sized sauce pan, dump all the chocolate candy in there and start melting it down. I hope you took the wrappers off the candy first! Then pour your melted mixture on some wax paper that is on top of a cookie sheet, pop it in the fridge for a couple hours and get ready to sample what might be the best chocolate candy ever!  Have a great day and enjoy bouncing off the walls!

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