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January 3rd is National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

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Not sure what to do today? Well get ready for a sweet one because it's National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day!  Common treats like this don't really need a reason for the specific day, but they do deserve their own holiday.  Let's get right into celebrating National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day!


As with most food holidays, there really isn't a specific reason for the exact date chosen but they are so commonly consumed that it only seems right that it gets it own day!  Chocolate covered cherries are a very common gift, at least they were when I grew up, and they're usually seen a lot around Christmas. It makes me wonder if this day was chosen because this is all the longer they last after Christmas.  

Personally, I don't care too much for chocolate covered cherries out of a box but my dad loves them!  They come covered in a variety of different types of chocolate and usually have syrup or milky surrounding before you get to the maraschino cherry in the center. I think that buffer between the cherry and the chocolate is what I didn't like.  These treats have been around for years and are made by a variety of different companies all trying to tailor to your sweet tooth. You can get them in a box, individually wrapped, they even have a dried cherry version. So, if you love these chocolate covered comfort treats then you're going to love celebrating January 3rd!


So how are you going to celebrate?  Well you could easily go buy a box of your favorite brand of chocolate covered cherries and munch on them all day. Or you could be nice and share with others. If you work in an office I'm sure your fellow employees would love to get a chocolaty treat from you so that they can celebrate with you.  Or you could make your own! Search online or in a cookbook and find a simple recipe. Buy some chocolate to melt down, some maraschino cherries and whatever you're going to use as filling and start making your own treats.  They are really simple to make and you might end up actually spending less and have a whole lot more of these to snack on compared to just going out and buying a box. Plus, if you have a family it's always fun to do stuff like this together.
Don't be afraid to get creative though! Get different kinds of chocolate, different kinds of cherries, experiment with different fillings, bake them into cookies; do whatever you like really!  Celebrations aren't meant to be boring, so if you can add a new spark to things instead of doing the same old thing then by all means.  Just don't go too overboard celebrating today or you might feel a little guilty after loading up on a bunch of sugar. You might even need an extra long nap after you crash from the sugar!  Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have a very sweet day today!

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