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May 3rd is National Chocolate Custard Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then grab a bowl and a spoon and get ready for National Chocolate Custard Day!  Enjoy the sweetness!  Let's get right into celebrating National Chocolate Custard Day!


Well, custards have been eaten for quite a long time and chocolate has been around for even longer, so when you combine these two things what do you think is going to happen? People are going to love it so much that they rejoice as they eat every spoonful. Eventually those shouts of joy would naturally turn into an organized holiday, right? At least that's how I assume this holiday came about. Custards have been around since way back in the Middle Ages when they'd eat them baked inside a pastry; a custard tart. That's how they got their name too since croustade referred to the crust of the tart. They would even add in things like fish, fruit and meat to their custards, but today things are a bit different.

Now a days a custard just refers to the thick, creamy filling and it's usually all about the sweetness... not so much the meatness. To make custard you use things like milk, cream and egg yolks, which you heat up until it's a bit thick. And then for today's celebration you'd want to mix in some chocolate and a bit of butter until it melts into the custard. But remember, you're always welcome to use one of the many different types of chocolate. There's milk chocolate, bittersweet, semisweet, unsweetened, dark and white chocolate, so choose your own adventure! Then just cool it down in your fridge for a bit and you're ready for chompage!  Trust me, it's pretty good!


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, you know the easiest way... head on down to a local restaurant! I'm sure most restaurants serve up some kind of chocolate custard for dessert. And it'd be the perfect way to celebrate if you could round off your meal with some chocolaty custard. But if you can't find a restaurant willing to whip you up some custard then you have some other options.

You can always look around your grocery store or other local shops to see if anyone has made some chocolate custard for the taking but if not then you'll have to make it yourself. So get some milk, sugar, chocolate, salt, butter and eggs and head on home to your kitchen. It's simple to make and it's a VERY rich treat!  And you're always welcome to have a little fun with today by seeing who can make the best flavor combination or who can make the thickest custard, that's still edible. You can use white, milk or dark chocolate and add in things like cinnamon, brown sugar, peanut butter or any other flavorful ingredient. I'm sure your extracts would come in handy today too ;). And the more egg yolks you use, the thicker you'll be able to make your custard.  I hope you have a great day as you eat like royalty.

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