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June 26th is National Chocolate Pudding Day

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If you're looking for something to do today this it's time to satisfy your tongue with some chocolaty goodness because it's National Chocolate Pudding Day!  Be careful not to overindulge, this stuff goes down easier than you'd think. But you already knew that ;).  Let's get right into celebrating National Chocolate Pudding Day!


Well, have you had chocolate pudding before? Did you enjoy it? Did you go back for more? Could you eat it all the time? Did I ask you enough questions yet? How would you like a day set aside just for eating chocolate pudding then? Well, then why are you asking why it's a holiday?! It's because of people like you ;).  Chocolate pudding is such a sweet and smooth snack that seems to sneak past our tongues so quickly that we just have to have another spoonful. And this pudding treat is really more or less a modified chocolate custard; custard uses eggs while pudding uses starch to thicken it.

It's been around for quite some time and actually, in the late 19th century to the early 20th century, it was considered a good food for sick people who had poor appetites. It's a high calorie food that goes down easy, so it makes sense. And if you want to make this yourself all you need is some milk, sugar, chocolate, vanilla and some flour or cornstarch. You can heat it to the right consistency on your stove, microwave, by steaming it, baking it or even freezing it (if you use gelatin as the thickener).  Break out your spoons!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, you can easily get some ready made chocolate pudding and start spooning it into your mouth. Simple enough, right? But if that's not exciting enough for you then why don't you get a big box of chocolate pudding cups and then challenge a friend to see who can eat a set number of pudding cups the fastest. Want to make things interesting? See who can eat them the fastest WITHOUT the use of silverware ;).

But if you like cooking then why don't you whip up your own chocolate pudding today? Chances are that it'll taste a lot better than the store bought kind and you'll have a lot more of it too! You can look online for a good recipe, if you want to make it from scratch, or you can get the boxed kind and make it how the box instructs you to.  But who wants to listen to a box? Stupid cardboard! Why don't you find a good recipe and then get a little creative with it? You could use milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate if you want. And if it calls for vanilla extract, you can swap that out for any flavor of extract you like! You could end up with chocolate coconut pudding, chocolate mint pudding, chocolate rum pudding, chocolate almond pudding and so many other flavors!  Have a great day and oh... you've got some pudding on your lips.

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