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September 29th is National Coffee Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready for a pick-me-up because it's National Coffee Day!  That ought to wake you up!  Let's get right into celebrating National Coffee Day!


Honestly... you don't know why people would want to celebrate this drink? Well, do you drink it? Do more than half of the people you know drink it every single morning? I think most people would end up saying "yes" twice, because this is a VERY popular drink! People get hooked on it because the caffeine in it wakes them up in the morning, so most people can't do without it. And if something has that kind of hold on so many peoples' lives then they're bound to want to celebrate their liquid energy!  Coffee comes from shrubs that produce berry-like deals that we extract the coffee from. Some of the best coffee is native to Africa, but there are a bunch of different varieties out there. And if you don't trim these babies back then they can get up to 15 feet tall. That's a big bush of coffee which will produce some scentastical, white flowers and then out come the oval berries! Now they start out green, but then they change from yellow to red and then to black as they dry out.

And hey, even though some people seem to be addicted to this drink, if you drink it in moderation it can actually be beneficial to you. It can keep you alert and help boost your memory. It can decrease the risk of heart and liver disease. And coffee can even boost your physical performance and help your muscles recover faster!  That doesn't seem like a bad addiction at all, does it?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, I'm sure most of you have coffee in your house already, so go ahead and get a pot brewing. You probably have the routine of making coffee down so well that you could do it in your sleep. In fact, most of you are probably half asleep as you brew your coffee each morning. But hey, this is a celebration, right? So don't you think you should treat yourself a little today? I think so too!  And there are two ways you can treat yourself. You can go to a local coffee shop and have them brew you some coffee just how you like it. They will probably have a better quality coffee and they have all the extra bells and whistles to add to your liquid celebration. But don't be afraid to try a new type of coffee today! There are SO many different types of coffee-infused beverages and treats that your taste buds could go on an endless adventure today!

But there is another way to treat yourself. Once you sample some new coffee you may want to pick up some of that exact type of coffee beans or ground up coffee, so that you can brew it up at home yourself! And many coffee shops will gladly sell you a container full of goodness so your celebration can continue at home. Plus you can even schedule to have certain companies send you coffee, directly to your home, on a regular basis. So you have quite a few options today!  Enjoy your day and your boosted energy!

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