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December 4th is National Cookie Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then go grab a glass of milk because it's National Cookie Day!  What a great way to get the "holiday season" started, huh?  Well, let's get right into celebrating National Cookie Day!


You really have to ask? Who doesn't like cookies?! OK, well you can be excused then... but almost everyone out there loves at least one type of cookie. They're sweet, they're a little fattening and hey, they taste amazing when dunked in milk! If there wasn't a National Cookie Day I'd actually be a bit surprised, with how many people love munching them down on a daily basis. Plus, milk and cookies is quite common around this time of year... so why not start building up a big collection of cookies, right?  And in order to be considered a cookie, all you need is some kind of batter than includes a fat, flour, eggs and some kind of sugar. Now, I'm sure you know, that you can include anything else you want in your cookie batter, but those are the basics. The fat would probably be butter, but I wouldn't be surprised if some people use stuff like shortening too. And with flour you can go with all-purpose, whole wheat, almond meal or any other kind of flour you can find.

And sure, you can use a lot of different kinds of eggs, but the sugar comes in SO many forms! There's granulated white sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, powdered sugar and on and on and on. You can even sugar things up even more with little candies in your cookies. And although cookies, in a sense, have been around since the beginning of baking (since they're easy to carry around) it wasn't until about the 18th century that sweet cookies, the type you're used to, started popping up. And lucky for you, it doesn't matter if you're going with refrigerated cookies, drop cookies, rolled cookies, pressed cookies, molded cookies, bar cookies or sandwich cookies, they're all deliciously sweet!  What're your favorite cookies?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, I bet some of you already have some cookies in your house, so go get those babies! Eat a nice stack of them, drown them in milk and enjoy the delicious holiday treat. And, if you don't have any cookies at home, then head to a bakery so you can pick up some freshly-baked cookies. They're always best when they're still a little warm, but I didn't have to tell you that, right? ;)  But if your favorite kind of cookies are pre-packaged and waiting for you on a shelf, then swing your shopping cart down that aisle and gently place your bounty in your cart. Just try your best not to fill your cart to the brim with cookies. But I know a lot of you are going to want to make your own cookies, so ponder the ingredients you need. Or, you know, you could just go with one of those tubes of cookie dough. Hey, no need to overwork yourself, right?  But if you don't mind a little extra work, then why don't you get as creative as possible with your cookies today? Think of all the sweet combinations you would love to see in cookie form, and get right into it! If you're like me, you might try to incorporate some kind of cheesecake ingredients into your batter. Or you could be all gangster and stuff a cookie inside a cookie. It's all up to you, you little rebel!  Have a great day and enjoy your sugar high!

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