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September 27th is National Corned Beef Hash Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get breakfast ready because it's National Corned Beef Hash Day!  You know you want a plateful of this magic!  So let's get right into celebrating National Corned Beef Day!


Well, I'm sure by now you have a good idea as to why most food holidays are created. Nothing is ever celebrated if a lot of people don't like it and corned beef hash isn't immune from this unspoken rule! So someone out there has to really like this mess of a meal. In fact, a whole lot of people probably banded together, while tossing together their hash, and said, "You know, this is so good that I want to eat this all day!" Then a bearded man stepped out of the shadows and said, "Let's do this every year!" OK, so I have no idea how it started but it could have been something like that.  So what is corned beef? No, it's not beef that had corn thrown at it; it's just cured beef! They salt up a slab of meat, usually a brisket, and then let it cure for a while. Then you'll want to boil it for a few hours with some added spices. You cook it this long so that it pretty much falls apart and the spices add a little extra flavor to it. Then you're ready to tear it up and do as you please with it!

And in this case, you're going to add things to it like potatoes and maybe some other flavorful ingredients. Because that's all hash really is; it's smashed together chunks of goodness that are usually served up for breakfast. It's not the prettiest looking dish but it tastes good and it will fill you up fast!  Are you ready to take care of that hunger? 


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, let's take the easy route first... head on over to a local restaurant around the breakfast hours! I'm sure you can find somewhere near you that will serve you this lovely dish. So kick your feet up, relax, read the newspaper, sip your coffee and await the beginning of your celebration.  But you know, there is another lazy option available. It may not taste as good, but it's just as easy to use to celebrate with. That's right; canned corned beef hash! It's ready and waiting for you inside its metal home. Just open it up and pour out the magic!

Alright, so that really isn't the most appealing option for a celebration but you're welcome to pick up a can of something else that is probably right beside the hash... plain old corned beef! Get a couple cans of that, some potatoes and some spices and you're ready to make a whole skillet full of corned beef hash.  The best way to start off any day is with a full stomach and I do believe that's how your day should begin!

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