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December 7th is National Cotton Candy Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then stick out your tongue because it's National Cotton Candy Day!  Oooo, it melts!  Let's get right into celebrating National Cotton Candy Day!


Because people love cotton candy! It's made of sugar, it's fun to eat and it's one creative invention. If you haven't had the pleasure of letting cotton candy melt on your tongue at least once in your life, then I think I need to have a talk with your parents. OK, only if your parents are still alive! But, once again, the popularity of a sugary treat has sparked yet another food holiday for you and I to celebrate. Now try your best not to come out of this one all sticky!  And can you guess who had a hand in inventing cotton candy? A freaking dentist! Thanks bro, at least you'll get more work, right? But William Morrison (the dentist) and John C. Wharton (a confectioner) created what they called "Fairy Floss" in 1897. Don't floss your teeth with this stuff though! But hey, it must have been well-liked to stick around this long, right? Well, let's look at the sales. In 1904, they introduced Fairy Floss to the public at the World's Fair and ended up selling 68,655 boxes of the stuff! They only charged a quarter, but that was a lot of money back then... in fact, it cost 50 cents just to get into the fair.

And in the 1920s, it became known as cotton candy, but the price was still pretty high because it took a lot of work to make it. It wasn't until the 1970s that the automatic cotton candy machine popped up and the price dropped. Now you see the stuff all over the place, especially on kids' faces, and you can save a little money for other things like a funnel cake, perhaps?  Go on... get some sweetness!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, why don't you take a little adventure around your town and the surrounding areas to see if you can location a place that is serving up some cotton candy? It might not be that hard to locate once you realize you can buy it in bags in the candy aisle at your grocery store, but hey, I didn't tell you that! ;)  But you know, you can always make you own. That'd be a lot more fun than just buying something, right? Well OK, you might have to buy a cotton candy machine, unless you want to make a mess of your kitchen. I have seen people in videos making it by melting down a sugar mixture and then drizzling it over utensils that are hanging off the edge of their counter, but the results won't be the same and you'll have a nice mess to clean up. So stick with the cotton candy machine!

But don't be afraid to experiment by mixing the flavors and coming up with your own special type of cotton candy. And hey, it is sugar right? Well then why don't you bake it into some cookies or bread? You might have to use quite a lot of cotton candy, but I bet it'd make for an interesting, baked good ingredient. Hey man, I'm just trying to be creative!  Have a great day and enjoy your fluffy sugar!

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