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March 9th is National Crabmeat Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready for some leg cracking because it's National Crabmeat Day!  OK fine, you don't have to get crab legs... you can get the straight up meat!  Let's get right into celebrating National Crabmeat Day!


I'll give you one guess as to why today is a holiday. That's right, people love eating crabmeat! Don't believe me? Let's look at the facts.  Out of all the crustaceans (crab, shrimp, lobster and so on) that we catch (or farm) and eat, 20% of them are crabs. Not a big enough number for you? Well, how does 1.5 MILLION tons of crab per year sound? Yeah, someone is eating a lot of crabmeat! And which kind of crab is eaten the most? The Japanese blue crab (horse crab); which makes up for a fifth of our crab consumption.

Some people eat the whole crab, including the shells, if you have a soft-shelled blue crab. But most people eat the claws and the legs of snow crabs. Or you could of course make some crab cakes! Crabmeat is used in a variety of different meals, including soup.  And luckily for you and me, crabmeat is actually pretty healthy. It's packed with protein, vitamins and minerals and it's very low in saturated fat. So dig into this healthy meat!


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, why don't you go out to eat at your favorite seafood restaurant tonight? Bring your family, friends or maybe just your lover along. Order up a bunch of crab legs and go to town on them! Sure it's a little work but that delicate meat dipped in a little butter sauce is amazing!  What to have a little fun with it? See who is best at cracking the legs! Yeah, you know what I'm talking about... it's an art. You either crack them correctly and the meat gently slides out or you spend half the dinner trying to dig it out of the shells.  So have a little competition with whomever you're eating with to see who can crack the most consecutive legs correctly. What's the winner get? Bragging rights and a hassle-free dinner of course!

You could also buy some fresh or frozen crab legs and cook them up at home if you'd like. This might be a little more cost-efficient and less embarrassing if you suck at cracking the legs.  And if you're lucky enough to live close to where people are catching crabs then go take a closer look at your soon to be dinner!  Swing by some crab boats and see how many of these long-legged beasts they pull out of the water.  And then get some fresh crab legs close by to get some of the best tasting crabmeat!  Or you could search around online for a recipe that calls for crab. Maybe you feel like a nice seafood soup or some crab cakes! There's crab chowder, crab fritters, crab salad, crab dip, crab cakes, crab quiche, crab Rangoon... I think you get the idea! There's really no limit as to what you can make!  Regardless of what you do today, I hope it's filled with the light, meaty flavor of crabmeat!

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