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January 10th is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

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If you're looking for something to do today, then why don't you go turn off your light because it's National Cut Your Energy Costs Day!  If you love spending money you don't have to then by all means, don't participate...  But let's get right into celebrating National Cut Your Energy Costs Day!


Even though there's no reason for this specific day to be chosen, no one likes to spend more money than they have to! And it doesn't matter if you do it for the environment or for your bank account, your energy costs are probably too high as is.  Energy costs are skyrocketing these days and we need to come up with new ways to battle these costs so that we can stay on top of things.  The cost of oil is one of the biggest factors, whether it's really from the lack of supply or just greedy businesses that are getting too big for their own good. Regardless of which reason is the truth, these costs can keep you from traveling as much and might even cause you to have a cold winter. My house is heated by oil, so I know how that can be.
Then there's the cost of electricity that also seems like it's going up at the same time. The cost of oil may be partially to blame for this too, depending on how the power plant creates its electricity.  These are some of the reasons why you see such a fast growing "green" movement as people search for alternative energy sources. Some of us do it for the environment. Some of us do it to save money. Some of us do it to have more control and not let big businesses toy with prices.  But whatever the reason is that you are trying to reduce your energy costs and seek alternative energy sources, today would be a great day to educate yourself and others on this topic and put those energy-saving steps into play!


So how can you celebrate?  Well, for starters you could turn out your lights while you read this and save a little energy.  And then you could do little things like going around your house and unplugging things that aren't in use and aren't going to be for quite some time.  And you can also swap out your regular light bulbs for CFL light bulbs to save some energy.  Just be sure not to break these light bulbs because they contain mercury!  But what about the bigger picture?
Can you find a way to detach yourself from oil and other expensive energy sources?  Do you have enough land to put up a wind turbine or a wind mill?  How about putting some solar panels on your roof?  Both of these methods are great ways to create your own energy.  And what about your car?  Do you think you could afford to buy a hybrid vehicle or maybe even an electric car?  Or how about buying a nice bike and riding that to places that are close by instead of using your car so much.  There are so many different ways you can cut your energy costs and trust me, you will enjoy having extra cash to spend on things you actually want.  So start coming up with ways to save energy, and no I don't mean laying on the couch all day!

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