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May 19th is National Devil's Food Cake Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready to eat like the devil because it's National Devil's Food Cake Day!  Welcome to the dark side!  Let's get right into celebrating National Devil's Food Cake Day!


Today is a holiday simply because devil's food cake combines too things that people can't seem to get enough of: cake and chocolate. When you combine the two, the world seems to spin a little smoother as people walk around in their sugar-induced trances. So it was bound to happen; someone just had to set up a holiday for this cake. But why is it called devil's food cake?  It's just a chocolate cake, right? Well, not quite. It is the opposte flavor and color of angel food cake but devil's food cake is a lot more moist and fluffy than your standard chocolate cake. And with devil's food cake you use cocoa instead of melting down chocolate.

Some recipes even have coffee in them. Plus you start out with boiling water instead of milk; perhaps to simulate the climate of Hell? Devil's food cake also calls for less eggs and that you use baking soda, which gives it a really dark color as it bakes.  With all those changes you can see why this cake has stuck around since at the very least 1905. This is often made into a layer cake that has chocolate frosting between each layer. So if you're overdosing on chocolate, I guess you could say it's a guilty pleasure, right? The phrase, "so good it's a sin" comes to mind.  Enjoy your cake you little devils ;).


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, if overdosing on chocolate is a sin then why not be a little lazy and have someone else make the cake, right? So, why don't you head down to your local bakery or a bakery in a local grocery store and see if they've baked one up for you? You might be able to pick up a freshly baked full cake or just munch on a single slice. You could even step it up a notch and make sure you have idle hands too. Yep! Just jam your face into the cake and eat it straight off your plate.

And you're always welcome to scan the shelves for some different pre-packaged devil's food cake treats. I know you can get some cookies and other things like that. They might not be as good as the actual cake, but it still counts. You could even get a devil's food cake mix and quickly whip the cake up yourself at home. All you need is the box, some frosting and probably some eggs, butter or oil and you're set.  But we all know the best way is to make it from scratch to ensure that it's the tastiest of all devil's food cakes. It doesn't take long, you know what's in it and there will more than likely be less preservatives. I know it seems wrong to make an evil meal healthier but trust me, it'll taste better! Homemade frosting always comes out a lot better in my mind too.  Enjoy your day and your chocolate overdose!

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