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July 24th is National Drive-Thru Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you're hungry because it's National Drive-Thru Day!  Fast feasts fall flawlessly down deep into your dark belly!  Let's get right into celebrating National Drive-Thru Day!


Well, the fast food industry is HUGE and they're the biggest users of drive-thru services. SO many people go to fast food restaurants and don't want to wait in line... they don't want to eat inside... they don't want to get out of their car either... they want quick service, from a window, so they can get their food and leave! It might be lazy but it's convenient and people love it... so of course they're going to want to celebrate this invention!  Drive-thrus have been around since the 1930s and first popped up in the United States. Go figure, right? We're already considered lazy by other countries so of course we'd be the ones to invent the drive-thru! It gives you a way to quickly see the whole menu, order by microphone (most of the time) and pay and pick up your food through a window. If you're traveling then you can just hop right back on the road and you're not really put too far off on track, in terms of your traveling time. Sure, you might not be able to understand the person talking over the speaker, you might drop your money and you might forget to ask for ketchup, a spoon or napkins... but you got your food quickly, didn't you?  And hey, it's not just the fast food industry that uses drive-thrus. How many times have you used a drive-thru service at your bank? How handy is that? And isn't it always fun to send things through that vacuum tube? I've even seen drive-thru convenience stores that are focused around things like drinks, snacks and cigarettes. But hey, if you live in Las Vegas you can get a drive-thru marriage! I bet you didn't think about that one, now did you?  Go get in your car!

So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, you're going to need someone with a car unless you know of some places that let you walk up to a drive-thru window. Then head on out to one of your favorite places to eat and order from the comfort of your car. And if you're a real veteran drive-true eater then you'll remember to ask for extra sauces, straws, silverware, napkins and everything else. In fact, you might already have a small supply in your glove compartment.  But if you like to broaden your horizons, then why don't you head to some place you've never eaten before and hit up their drive-thru menu. Try something new and maybe you'll have a new favorite place to eat. And if you're really wacky you might ask for a suggestion on what to buy from the menu. I mean, the person you're talking to works there and probably has eaten a lot off the menu at a discounted price. So put your meal in their hands when they ask for your order and say, "you know, I'm not sure... what would you suggest I get?" Let me know how that one goes over!  You could also do a little research on drive-thrus in your area too. There's a simple way to collect data in three areas at once. First you want to find out how many different drive-thrus there are in your area; so keep a tally as you go to each one. But, as you're ordering, you also want to make a note on how easy it is to understand the person talking to you. And, as the last point of research, all you're going to order is an ice water. This will let you know how nice the people are at the restaurant (they might give you a hard time) and if they are a bunch of cheap punks; some places are going to charge you! Let me know how this one goes too. ;)  Have a great day and enjoy the convenience!

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