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June 3rd is National Egg Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready to crack some shells because it's National Egg Day!  How many different egg creations can you whip up in 24 hours?  Let's get right into celebrating National Egg Day!


Well, it might be because eggs are not only a very versalite food but people just can't seem to get enough of them! Sure, you might be vegan, but if you're not then you probably eat eggs all the time. And if you don't think you do then check the ingredients on some of the most common things you eat.  Normally we'll munch on chicken eggs but some people eat duck, goose and quail eggs too. I've only gone the way of the chicken myself, how about you? And eggs can be cooked SO many different ways...

You can boil them, scramble them, make an omelet, add them to baked goods to help them rise and even whip egg whites to really add some lift to your meals. The most common way I eat them is scrambled because it's quick and easy but I love dipping toast into sunny side up eggs.  And eggs are actually pretty nutritious too! You're going to get a good amount of protein as well as vitamins and minerals when you eat eggs. They have pretty much everything in them needed to support our lives and there's a reason for that. If that egg had been fertilized then there would be a new life brewing inside that shell! Sorry if I ruined your appetite...  How do you like your eggs?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, how about you start the day off by going to your favorite place to eat breakfast and order up eggs just the way you like them. You can even live a little and order them some special way you never had before. Your big breakfast will ensure that you have plenty of energy for the rest of the day.

And you could continue to eat at restaurants the rest of the day if you want but that might get a bit pricey. Instead you might want to pick up a dozen or two of eggs and make some yourself at home. You can really make anything you want, as long as it includes eggs! You could make a quiche, souffle or just hard boil some eggs. Something I always wanted to try making is tea eggs where you crack the shells and boil them in tea for extra flavor and a cool design when you take the shells off.  And don't forget the millions of different recipes that have eggs added into the mix. Cookies, brownies, cakes and all that deliciousness usually all call for eggs. But if you really feel like celebrating eggs then why don't you try decorating some up in the pysanka style? It's such a detailed style that really makes eggs a work of art. Sure, you probably won't want to eat them when you're done but I'm sure the egg will appreciate it's pretty new shell.  Enjoy your day; I hope it's eggcellent!

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