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January 16th is National Fig Newton Day

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If you're looking something to do today then I hope you like cookies because it's National Fig Newton Day!  But wait, it's not a cookie, it's a Fig Newton...  Let's get right into celebrating National Fig Newton Day!


This was such a common cookie, I mean fruit and cake, in my household when I grew up that it's no wonder that it has its own holiday. There's no reason for the particular day, but this little treat has been around for ages!  It is believed that the early Egyptians used to make a very similar treat by wrapping preserved figs in dough. Sailors and explorers even traded these fig rolls. Pretty crazy, huh?  But let's fast forward a bit to when doctors still believed that most illnesses were caused because of digestion problems. What do you think they recommend that people do on a daily basis? Eat biscuits and fruit!  Hmm, I wonder what treat would help satisfy that prescription?
So in 1891, Charles Roser, a baker and fig lover, made a machine, which he patented the next year, that inserted fig paste into cake-like dough. He named them "Newtons" after the local town, Newton, Massachusetts.  He then got in contact with the Kennedy Biscuit Company, to help him with sales and production, which later became associated with the New York Biscuit Company. Can you guess what they called themselves when they merged? That's right, Nabisco!  These days you can find a wide variety of different Fig Newtons like 100% whole grain, fat-free and they even fill them with different fruits like strawberry and raspberry. Personally, I liked the strawberry ones best when I was a kid.  This fruit and cake treat has been on a wonderful journey and is still liked by many today.


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, it's pretty simple... just eat some Fig Newtons! Just try not to go overboard, because regardless of advertising this is pretty much a cookie ;).  Go pick up a package at the store and snack on them today.  You can choose from regular, whole grain, fat free and even minis.  I know, it's tempting to grab the strawberry and raspberry kind too, but it is fig's day!  If you do opt to buy the other fruit varieties then just make sure you get at least one package of the fig flavor to ensure an accurate celebration.
Make things interesting and see who out of your friends can fit the most figs in their mouth at one time.  Don't forget to take pictures for some hilarious memories!  Or even who can eat 10 Fig Newtons the fastest, without a drink!  Winner gets a nice tall glass of milk and bragging rights.  Or if you're really handy in the kitchen, try making your own fig roll and see how it turns out.  Have a package of Fig Newtons ready to taste test and compare.  It never hurts to get creative with your celebrations... who knows, you might end up having fun ;).  I hope you have a lovely, fruit and cake filled day today!

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