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August 6th is National Fresh Breath Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then give your breath a sniff because it's National Fresh Breath Day!  How's it smelling over there?  Let's get right into celebrating National Fresh Breath Day!

Well, think about it for a second... How many people have you talked to in let's say the past month where you kept getting wafts of their horrible breath? Do you know a few people with stank breath? I thought you might. Now, what if there was a day set aside to help remind people how important it is to have fresh breath and possibly give them ways to fix their poor hygiene? Do you think that would come in handy for some people? I think so too! So today is a holiday that is based around something all of us want and serves as a reminder and educator on how to achieve that goal of freshness.  Bad breath, or halitosis, can be caused by a number of things, which you can easily fix yourself. Sometimes the bad smell is because of the food we eat, like meats, cheeses and things like garlic. So just brush your teeth after you eat that stuff! But there is natural bacteria on our tongues which can really thrive when you don't clean it and there are pieces of food speckled all over it. And this bacteria can give off a pretty bad smell! Plus, when you sleep your mouth isn't exposed to as much oxygen and it just let's the stank magic multiply so that you wake up with the wonderful morning breath or dragon breath.  But you can easily fix that problem with a tongue scraper. Just brush the tongue a little, scrape and you have a clean tongue! Now the bacteria can't do their stanky business as well and you have better smelling breath. But sometimes it's not your mouth or tongue's fault, it's your tonsils which can be putrefied or have calcified matter on them. And sometimes the valves in your esophagus may not close too well and gases from your stomach get to escape out your mouth. Mmm!  But what's your excuse for your bad breath, or do you really not have one?

So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, let's start out with a little exercise. Cup your hands in front of your face, exhale through your mouth and then inhale through your nose. Do that a couple times and see how good your breath smells to you. You can even step things up and ask someone else to smell it for you. I'm sure you're a little bit use to your own breath, so let someone else decide. And you can always scrape the back of your tongue with a spoon, let whatever nastiness you scrape up dry out and then go ahead and give it a sniff. Nice, huh?  But if you want to have some fun with today then why don't you round up a few of your friends and don't tell them what you're going to do. If they know what's up then they'll prepare to win and the results won't be accurate, but that means you can't prepare either. Have them all stand in a line and grab yourself someone with a good nose. Now have them breathe directly into the judges nose, one at a time. OK, I didn't mean to wrap your lips around their nose! But have the brave judge sniff one by one and pick out who has the best breath, without anyone trying to prepare for this moment. You want spur of the moment breath to find the true winner!  And can you guess what the winner gets to do, other than feel good about having fresh breath? The winner gets to explain to your other friends what they do to keep their breath fresh. Do they floss and if so, how often and what do they use? How often do they brush their teeth? Do they go the way of mints or do they opt for a mouthwash? This will help spark ideas for all your other friends and can help everyone boost the freshness of their breath.  Have a great day and bring on the freshness!

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