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July 6th is National Fried Chicken Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you're not on a diet because it's National Fried Chicken Day!  You know you can't resist!  Let's get right into celebrating National Fried Chicken Day!


Well, fried chicken is delicious. I normally don't eat it because it's not that healthy, depending on what oil it's fried in, but I can't deny how good it tastes. And most people would agree that it's sometimes too hard to turn down a piece of fried chicken. So when you have a massive amount of people that like eating something, what happens? A holiday is made just for that specific food so that people have an excuse to eat it all day!  Fritters have been fried up even as far back as medieval times, so fried chicken isn't exactly a new thing. The Italians called it pollo fritto, the Vietnamese called it Ga Xao and Scottish people were known for deep frying chicken in fat. So when the Scottish immigrants started pouring into the southern United States they brought their fried chicken with them! But they didn't really add that much to their chicken in terms of spices and seasonings.  No, it was the African slaves in the south that started adding in spices to enrich the flavor of the Scottish fried chicken. Most slaves couldn't raise a lot of the other expensive livestock but they could keep their own chickens. This made it easier for them to perfect the recipe and they are to thank for the flavorful types of fried chicken we eat today. But there is no reason to speak of stereotypes because I'm one big white dude and I love fried chicken. And guess what? Pretty much all races have people who love fried chicken and it seems to have been first made by Asians and Europeans. So instead of making stereotypical remarks we should be thankful for the people who put in the time to mold fried chicken into what it is today.  Unless of course you enjoy bland chicken. ;)

So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, I think you know the easiest way... head on out to a restaurant! You can find a nice restaurant to sit down in or you can head to a fast food joint. And don't worry, I think you already realize that you have a lot of places to choose from that specialize in fried chicken. You've got Church's Chicken, Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits, Brown's Chicken & Pasta, Cluck-U Chicken, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits. You're hungry now, aren't you?  But if you're brave enough to have a fried chicken competition in this heat then maybe you should order up a few buckets of chicken and gather up some friends. Ah yes, who can eat a bucket of chicken the fastest? You can go at the bucket by yourself or you can have teams but the winner(s) has to win something special, right? How does a hefty gift certificate to their favorite fried chicken restaurant sound? I guess it's all up to you and your friends anyway ;).  But if you'd rather control what goes into your food or if you just want to make massive amounts of fried chicken and save some money while you're at it then you can always make your own! Check online for a good recipe or ask your family members if they have a recipe of their own. Who knows, maybe you can find out the secret recipe from your favorite restaurant online. But if I were you, I'd probably experiment a little with today. How does chicken deep fried in coconut oil sound to you?  Have a great day and don't pack on too many pounds!

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