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December 20th is National Fried Shrimp Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then heat up some oil because it's National Fried Shrimp Day!  Sounds like you've got dinner covered, huh?  Well, let's get right into celebrating National Fried Shrimp Day!


Well first of all, shrimp is pretty awesome and a lot of people can't seem to get enough of these curled, pink deals. And it may not be the healthiest thing, but fried food is so good that it's pretty freaking addictive! What happens when you combine the two things? Well, you've got a problem then... you've got millions of people who demand more fried shrimp, and what are you going to do about that? Well, you'd probably create a holiday for fried shrimp so that everyone is happy.  And if you're a shrimp addict, then don't feel bad; they're actually pretty healthy! Shrimp are packed with calcium and protein and are low in saturated fat, which is more than you can say for a lot of other meats. And trust me, when over 3 million tons of shrimp are caught every year, you're not the only addict out there!

And you know, people have been frying food since 2500 BC. Yeah, the ancient Egyptians were all about it! But why do we fry food? Well, do you like that crispy texture of fried food? Then that's one reason we do it, because the high heat quickly cooks the food you're frying. And plus, the oil can sometimes add a little bit to the flavor of the food. Sure, it can be dangerous to fry food, in terms of fires and the health of your body, but sometimes the danger is worth it.  It won't hurt you to fry up some food one day out of the year... unless of course you get some of that hot oil on your hand. Be careful!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, I'm pretty sure you can think of the easiest way to celebrate this holiday. Yep... head on over to your favorite restaurant! Most dining establishments will have a handful of different kinds of fried shrimp for you to choose from, so take your pick. And, if you really want to, you can get every kind of fried shrimp they have as an appetizer and have everyone at the table celebrate with you.

But if you want to fry up some shrimp at home, then be my guest! Well, a guest in your own home, of course, but break out that deep fryer or a deep pot and get your oil heated up. You can bread your shrimp, roll it seasonings or really do whatever you want with it. Technically, you could get away with making a stir fry today, since it is still considered fried shrimp if you cook it that way. That's a bit healthier option for you too.  But why don't you try to get a bit creative? Think of all the different oils you could fry with... how do you think your shrimp would taste if they were fried in coconut oil? And what about all the different batters you could use? I dare you to fry some shrimp with a Stove Top stuffing batter! You could even chop your shrimp up into little chunks and make some shrimp fritters.  Have a great day and I hope your house doesn't smell like cooking oil for too long!

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