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June 16th is National Fudge Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready for a mouthful because it's National Fudge Day!  How sweet it is to celebrate today!  Let's get right into celebrating National Fudge Day!


Today is a holiday for one reason that I know of... fudge is good! It's almost too good, since you can't really eat much in one sitting. But so many people love the many different varieties of fudge that they just had to celebrate it. And that's how this holiday, as well as many other food holidays, got its start.  Fudge is very similar to what is called "tablet" but fudge is a bit softer as well as smooth and creamy. A lot of fudge out there has a cocoa flavor to them and are made with things like sugar, butter and milk.

You have to heat these ingredients to 240 degrees in order to reach what is called the "soft-ball stage". And as it cools from this stage it firms up a little but is very easy to bite through. In fact, sometimes your teeth just slide right through it like a hot knife through butter.  But trust me; you don't have to get cocoa flavored fudge if you don't want to! And don't confuse this for hot fudge either. There are so many different types of fudge for you to choose from so don't put off celebrating if you hate the flavor of cocoa. And I recommend keeping your fudge at room temperature so that you get that creamy consistency.  Let's start fudging around!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, first I would suggest that you go to your local candy store or, if you're lucky, your local fudge shop. Tons of people are making fudge every day and they come up with some really delicious flavors. Even if you plan on making fudge yourself, it might be a good idea to look at what they've come up with themselves to spark some flavor ideas for what you make. And if you don't plan on making any yourself then get some of the tastiest sounding fudge they have and enjoy it!

For those of you that are handy in the kitchen, start looking through your cook books or searching online for a tempting fudge recipe. It's not that difficult to make at all and you're in complete control as to how it will taste. The only thing that takes a while is letting it cool back down. But if you can't wait, it's still just as tasty if you sneak a piece before it's completely cooled down ;).  And hey, if you and your friends all like to cook you could have a fudge party today. Tell everyone you think who would like to celebrate and then each of you find a fudge recipe that you'd think would taste the best. Make your fudge, let it cool down and then get ready for the party. Whoever is hosting it can play music, a movie and maybe have a beverage like milk on hand. Then everyone will come and bring their own type of fudge. It will be one tasty fudge party, that's for sure!  Have a great day and enjoy your sugar high!

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