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June 5th is National Gingerbread Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get to loafing around because it's National Gingerbread Day!  Fast as fast can eat you can you can never have too much gingerbread today!  Let's get right into celebrating National Gingerbread Day!


Well, gingerbread has been around for quite some time and is munched on in many different forms. It's been around so long that it's become a tradition to eat it at certain times of the year and people love it. They love it so much that they wanted yet another excuse to make some gingerbread and that excuse is National Gingerbread Day!  It's said that gingerbread was brought to Europe by an Armenian monk named Gregory of Nicopolis in 992. I told you it's been around for a while! But if he brought it to Europe at that time, that means it was around even before then.

Either way, he taught the French priests and Christians how to cook gingerbread during the 7 years he was in Bondaroy, France. And eventually it started to spread all over the world.  But when you think of gingerbread today you probably thing of two things: The Gingerbread Man and gingerbread houses! Which are two fun ways to celebrate this great culinary creation. Gingerbread man cookies are fun to decorate and have an interesting story coupled with them. And gingerbread houses are even more fun to put together with all the little bells and whistles you can add to your houses. But gingerbread can also be made into a literal bread loaf, cake and I would guess a muffin too.  Bring on the ginger!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, if you want to take it easy then why don't you head to your local bakery or grocery store and hunt down some ready-made gingerbread items? I'm sure you can find some gingerbread cookies, if not in the gingerbread man form. You might even luck out and find a loaf of gingerbread that was freshly baked just for you. But don't be afraid to search for unique gingerbread creations!

And if you have kids or just like to decorate tasty treats then maybe you should make a gingerbread house today. I know I know, it's not Christmas but who cares! You can make a gingerbread house any day of the year if you want. Go all out and make a gingerbread mansion and then film an episode of Cribs; Gingerbread Edition if you like!  And you can also bake up some gingerbread men too. There's not as much work involved in the decoration but the cookies are a lot easier to eat... if you can catch them! But hey, why don't you have a little fun with The Gingerbread Man story? You could have a race today, for whatever distance you want, and see if you can catch your friends. The person who places last doesn't get a gingerbread man because they didn't manage to catch anyone!  Have a great day and be nice to gingers!

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