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January 15th is National Hat Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then cover your head because it's National Hat Day!  Decorate your dome today and protect your head from the elements...  Let's get right into celebrating National Hat Day!


Have you actually gone through your whole life and NEVER worn a hat at least once!? I would find it very hard to believe if someone answered yes to that question... so why ask why this is a holiday?  EVERYONE has worn a hat at least once and there are so many different types of hats out there that it's only right that there's a holiday set aside to celebrate them.  But hats aren't always worn as fashion statements though, sometimes they're worn to protect your head from the elements (like a snowboarding hat or a hard hat) or for religious reasons (like the Pope's hat).

Hats have been around for ages; there are even pictures painted on the walls of tombs from the 5th and 6th century BC of people wearing straw hats.  And hats are also a bit more complex than you'd think... There's the crown that covers the top of your head, there's sometimes a bill or a brim to shade your eyes from the sun, there's a sweatband attached inside the hat to keep you from ruining your hat on those hot days and then sometimes there's even a lining.  So when you slip one of these magnificent creations onto your head today, think about how grateful you are that you don't have to walk around with a bare head all the time.


So how can you celebrate today?  It's pretty easy; just slap a hat onto your head for the day! Go through your house and find your favorite hat and let it rest on your head for the day. You can even have a competition with your friends to see who has the coolest hat.  Or you can have a competition to see who has the craziest hat; aim to shock people with how odd your hat is.  Or you could go buy yourself a new hat today. Go shopping to find the nicest hat you could rest on your celebrating head.
How's a bearskin hat sound to you? Or maybe a nice beaver hat or a deerstalker? Or perhaps you'd look good in a fez? Or you might need to keep warm, so slip on a ushanka!  How do you think you'd look in a slouch, shako or a tam o'shanter?  Trust me, you're not going to run out of different types of hats to buy!  And that's half the beauty of hats... there are so many different functional uses for hats, different ways to catch peoples attention or let them know you belong to a certain clique that you'll always end up with a handful of hats to rotate on and off your head on any given day.  Or if you have kids you could get some arts and crafts supplies and have them make their own hats. It'd be a fun activity to allow them to really show their creativity.  I hope you have an amazing day today and don't forget to cover your head!

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