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June 1st is National Hazelnut Cake Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get to baking because it's National Hazelnut Cake Day!  It's a good day when a flavorful nut enters the land of cake!  Let's get right into celebrating National Hazelnut Cake Day!


Today is a holiday because people love the taste of hazelnut-infused foods and cake just might be at the top of their list. I know I love a good hazelnut coffee Coolata so I can understand why having that flavor in a cake would be a good thing. So once again, the popularity of a food has become the cause for yet another holiday.  So what is a hazelnut cake exactly? Well, it can be a lot of things! It's common to see people mix the flavors of chocolate and hazelnut together (like Nutella) so that's a very popular base to most hazelnut cakes.

One way to construct such a cake is to include chopped hazelnuts in a crust as well as a topping. That way you get to start and finish each bite with hazelnuts. This not only makes for a tasty cake, but it can be quite presentable too!  But you can also grind your hazelnuts into a fine powder to be included right in the cake batter. In fact, you'll be using it as a substitute for flour really. A cake like this will look completely different than the one above but might be a bit truer to the term "hazelnut cake". You won't be able to get away from the hazelnut flavor with this one!  What kind of hazelnut recipe will use choose?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, if you like celebrating without putting in too much effort then your best bet is to browse your local bakeries today. You might luck out and find a place that has baked a delicious hazelnut cake for you. Try out a piece, if you've never had it before, or buy the whole cake if you know you're going to love it. If you buy the whole cake you'll be able to celebrate with your friends and family too ;).

But if you can't find one at a bakery or like baking at home then search the internet for a recipe. My favorite place to look is allrecipes.com. There are plenty of chocolate hazelnut recipes, and a few flourless versions but it looks like you have 15 choices as of right now! So pick a recipe, or heck pick two, and get started with your celebration.  I always like ranking the recipes by their rating so I know I'll end up with a well-liked cake but you can choose any recipe you like! And feel free to make modifications if you feel you can make the recipe a bit better. If you make more than one cake today then you'll have to have the cakes go head to head and compete to see which pleases your taste buds the most. What a delicious competition; you can't lose!  I hope you enjoy your day and don't go into a sugar coma!

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