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August 18th is National Ice Cream Pie Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready to combine two desserts into one because it's National Ice Cream Pie Day!  Sure, you can still have a scoop of ice cream with your pie! ;)  Let's get right into celebrating National Ice Cream Pie Day!


Come on... think about it! How many different flavors of ice cream do you enjoy? Alright, now how many different pies do you enjoy? OK... now let's dig a little deeper. Do you like ice cream cake? You do?! Me too! Now do you really think that ice cream pie is that much different than an ice cream cake? It's not! And SO many people fall in love with ice cream pie after their first bite that they just have to celebrate it. Now we all have an excuse to randomly make an ice cream pie on this day.  So let's look at what an ice cream cake is... it's pretty much just ice cream in the shape of a cake. Sure, it can be in layers of cookies, different types of ice cream, ice cream toppings and even actual cake but it's a pretty simple idea. Now, how do you think you make ice cream pie? Well, you start out with a pie crust and you'll most likely want to bake it. Then you just mix up some ice cream with other flavorful ingredients and pour it into your pie crust.

And you're more than welcome to top it with tasty treats to give it more flavor and texture, but then you'll want to freeze it. So there is a slight difference between ice cream cake and pie, but all you're really doing is combining the two ideas. Your pie gets a pie crust and your cake gets ice cream frosting. It's a simple but delicious idea that gets you to eat ice cream in a unique way.  Are you ready for a slice? 


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, let me walk you through the process. First you're going to want make your crust. Sure, you can go with a ready-made crust if you like and I won't blame you one bit. But why don't you look for one of your favorite cookies, or nuts or anything crunchy and delicious? Then grab some butter and you're good to go on your crust. You'll just need a pie pan and then you'll crush up whatever you got, mix it up with some melted butter and then press it into your pie pan on the bottom and up the sides. Then you just bake it for like 8 minutes at 375 and pop it out and let it cool.  But then you have to start thinking about the ice cream. Do you have a favorite flavor? How about two or three favorite flavors? Grab as many flavors as you like and even other flavorful ingredients like peanut butter or chocolate chips if you want. Then you just mix that all up until it's nice and smooth and then pour it into your pie crust.  But, but, but.... let us not forget about the ice cream toppings! How's some chocolate or caramel syrup sound? Maybe you like nuts or sprinkles? Heck, maybe you want to crumble up a candy bar and sprinkle it on top! Do whatever you want but get those toppings on there before you freeze it. This will ensure that your toppings stay put as you slice your pie and attempt to eat it. And there you go, after a few hours you have the perfect ice cream pie!  Have a great day and don't let your slice melt!

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