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July 21st is National Junk Food Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready to let loose because it's National Junk Food Day!  That's right; loosen that belt buckle a few notches!  Let's get right into celebrating National Junk Food Day!


Well, today is the type of holiday you might not expect, but it definitely serves a purpose. Think about how many people eat junk food at some point in their life... what? Oh, you can't think about every single person on the globe at once? My bad! You see, everyone eats something fatty, sugary or just plain junk at some point in their life. Why? Because they like how it tastes! And then what happens? They feel guilty about it and if they don't then someone makes them feel bad for eating the junk food.  But today is the day to change that and celebrate something that so many people in the world actually enjoy: junk food! Stop the junk shaming and just go with the flow of things. The junk food is always there calling out to us and if we don't break down and nibble on it here and there then we'll go crazy. And we'll end up binging when we didn't want to and we'll feel horrible. So in a sense, today is a planned cheat day that everyone should take part in. It's not going to hurt you if you eat junk food for one day.

What hurts you is when you don't stop eating junk food. So think of all that glorious junk food you've been turning down all year. Did it make your mouth water to think about it? Well, stop turning it down then! Go ahead and have a nibble here and there without the guilt, because you know you're going to go right back to eating normal again tomorrow. It's just a minor bump in your diet that isn't going to cause a permanent bump in your belly.  Go stuff your face!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, let's take the easy route first, as always... get in your car, start the engine and head to the closest drive-through! That's right; nothing says junk food like some good old fashioned fast food. You can't beat having a whole menu that is pretty much junk food from top to bottom and you don't even have to get out of your car to get it. And heck, if you're really out to celebrate today, then hit up a few drive-throughs before you head home. Stock up on the junk food so you can munch on it all day!  But if that doesn't interest you then head on over to your grocery store and start filling up your cart. All those things that catch your eye but you normally don't buy, because of how unhealthy they are, need to find their way into your shopping cart somehow. Hit up the bakery, the candy aisle, the soda aisle, the ice cream aisle and see if you can't get some fried foods from the deli. You have to cover all the bases when you celebrate!  And if you hate celebrating alone then invite a bunch of friends over for a junk party! Tell them about the holiday and ask them to bring over their favorite junk food. You can watch movies, the game, play video games or anything you want but you must eat junk food. You might be surprised what some of your friends consider junk and you might be surprised as to what some of them actually enjoy eating. But everyone will be satisfied by the end of your party.  Have a great day and enjoy the extra calories!

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