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July 29th is National Lasagna Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you brought your appetite because it's National Lasagna Day!  All that pasta, cheese and sauce is sure to please your tongue!  Let's get right into celebrating National Lasagna Day!


Today isn't quite different from other food holidays when you look into the reason behind it. When it comes to Italians, they know how to cook and they also know how to eat, a lot! And when you think of eating a plateful of lasagna, you know you're going to be full very soon. Not only does it fill you up but it's delicious so of course a lot of people, Italian or not, are going to love lasagna. And their love, combined with your love, is the reason for this holiday!  And, as with a lot of food, people aren't too sure of the origins of lasagna. Did it come from the Greek laganon, which is flat, pasta dough cut into strips? Did it come from the Greek lasanon, which means chamber pot - a possible evolution of the name of the dish the first lasagna was made in? Or did it come from the 14th century, English Loseyn, which was made in a similar way? No one knows, but the last option is a little flawed because tomatoes didn't show up in Europe until well after Columbus found America. And what kind of lasagna doesn't have tomato sauce?

Lasagna is a lovely layered feast of flat pasta, sauce, cheese and other ingredients. You throw down a layer of pasta, slap some cheese and sauce on there and repeat that a few times. It can literally be a balanced meal in itself. Some people love tossing some meat into their sauce while others like vegetables like spinach in theirs, which would be called Lasagne verdi AKA green lasagna.  How do you like your lasagna? 


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, since you're asking me, we're going to start out with the easiest and possibly the best way to enjoy this celebration. Find a really nice Italian restaurant in your area, get a reservation, order yourself and others some lasagna when you get there and get ready for a delicious feast! I say this is the best way to celebrate because you're going to get some authentic lasagna, made from scratch and you didn't have to do any of the cooking. Sounds good, doesn't it?

But hey, there are other lazy ways to celebrate! Do you know how many boxed and frozen versions of lasagna there are out there? I'm sure you do... so why don't you go get one? Yes, it won't taste as good but it won't take that long to make. So maybe you could make two versions and see who makes the best, lazy man's lasagna.  But if you want complete control over your celebration and you have a little time on your hands then you better start looking for a good lasagna recipe. Head to the store and get everything you need and then start working your kitchen kung fu! The fresher your ingredients are the better your lasagna will taste. But I will recommend that you don't slack on the cheese or other fillings in your lasagna, unless of course you enjoy your sauce just gushing out the second you put the lasagna on your plate.  Have a great day and enjoy satisfying your appetite!

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