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August 20th is National Lemonade Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then why don't you beat the heat with a cool drink because it's National Lemonade Day!  Nothing says summer like a glass of lemonade!  So let's get right into celebrating National Lemonade Day!


Well this is the day, way back in 1630, when the first lemonade was made in Paris, France. European lemonade is a bit different and it's actually a bit clearer. You see, the first lemonade was made with lemon juice, sparkling water and honey, which is a little different than your average lemonade. So the first lemonade was actually a carbonated lemon soft drink, which they call limonade. If you want it without the carbonation it's called citronnade. So we celebrate lemonade today because it's its birthday!  And yes there is even a pink version of lemonade, which can be made by just adding in some food coloring or other fruit juices like cherry juice. But this "invention" came about on accident when Henry E. Allott was working for the circus at the age of 15. He was mixing together a tub of regular old lemonade and accidentally dropped in a couple red, cinnamon candies which made it turn pink. It sold so well that he kept on making it that way!

But lemonade has touched all of our lives in some way, mostly by touching our lips and tongue as it passes down through to our stomach. And there are lots of kids that set up lemonade stands in the summer in hopes of making a little money while quenching others' thirst. But lemons are very beneficial to have your diet. They contain so much citrate that it's been found that lemon juice actually keeps people from having kidney stones!   How's that for a random fact?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Oh, come on now! You know you can get lemonade just about everywhere, so if you go out to eat today just order it with your meal. Don't be afraid to get a refill either ;). But, if you're like me, you might want to only drink so much of it in one sitting or it might start to bother your stomach. And stomach problems will ruin any celebration!  But you can always make your own and try to come up with interesting mixtures. Make a lemonade slushie or milkshake if you want or you could even freeze some lemonade into ice cubes and add it to your lemonade. Double the lemonade power! Or heck, lemonade popsicles sound pretty dang good too. Get creative and see what kind of lemon magic you can create!  And hey, I don't really think there is an age limit on having your own lemonade stand. So, if you want to then construct a stand, use your favorite recipes you came up with and hit the streets! Get all stylish with your cardboard stand and dress up as a lemon and dance around if you want. And if you're awesome, you'll hand out drinks for free so that others can celebrate with you. And if you really want to quench someone's thirst, it might even be a good idea to set up shop near a place where people go running or the beach.  Have a great day and enjoy the citrus!

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