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November 29th is National Lemon Cream Pie Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then hold onto your sweet tooth because it's National Lemon Cream Pie Day!  Oh yeah, you're going to be getting plenty of pie this week!  So, let's get right into celebrating National Lemon Cream Pie Day!


Haven't we already gone over this? Pie is one heck of an amazing creation that many can't seem to get enough of. And a cream pie ups the ante by combining creamy goodness with sugary sweetness. And that combination of fat and sugar will not only make your taste buds do a back flip but it will also probably get you addicted to the pie. And if you love the flavor of lemon, then you're probably one of the millions of people who celebrate this holiday every year. Why is it celebrated? Because tons of people love the pie!  Pies have been around since 9500 BC, and they were made of honey and ground grains at first; what you'd call a galette. But it was the Greeks who were thought to have first created the pie pastry, out of flour and water. They were wrapping it around things like meat though; to seal in the juices and make it easier to travel with. And even though there are still savory pies to this day, eventually people started sweetening things up and that's how we got the pies of today.

And if you didn't know, all you need for a cream pie is a pudding or custard filling to pour inside some type of crust. Your cream can be anything from heavy whipping cream, whipped topping, cream cheese or even sour cream if you want. And you have just as much freedom with the crust! It can be a regular old pastry crust, graham cracker crust, cookie crust or anything else. But don't forget to top your pie with some whipped cream!  Now all you need is a plate and a fork, huh?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, you'd just do what any smart CeleGREATER would do... head on over to a local restaurant! This is a pretty common flavor, for a cream pie, so you'll have no problem finding a place that serves lemon cream pie for dessert. All you have to do is decide what meal you're going to eat before the pie. Or if you're some kind of pie addict, you can go straight for the pie and savor every bite.  But you know, it doesn't matter how you make this pie... it's going to be easy! You can buy a lemon cream pie filling in a can, a crust that's made for you and then just pour in that magical mixture. Sure, you'll have to wait a while for it to firm back up, but it's one of the easiest pies you'll ever make. And if you want to make the cream filling from scratch then that will only take a few more minutes! Plus, you'll probably end up with fewer preservatives in your pie.  But why don't you have a little fun with today? Search around and find a bunch of different lemon cream pies that each uses a different type of cream. Then make each kind, sample each pie and find out what your taste buds think of the recipes. Once you figure out which cream actually makes for the best lemon cream pie, then you can take it a step farther and try out different crusts. How do you think a lemon cream pie made with cream cheese, in an Oreo cookie crust with chocolate whipped topping on top would taste?  Have a great day and enjoy the sweetness!

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