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May 13th is National Leprechaun Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you like short, bearded men because it's National Leprechaun Day!  Now if only you could catch one!  Let's get right into celebrating National Leprechaun Day!


So why today, why not St. Patrick's Day, right? Well, think about it this way... if you were a leprechaun you'd have be smart so that people don't catch you. They want your gold and if they catch you then you have to grant them three wishes so that they'll let you go, right? So to protect your gold and to keep from having to be bothered with granting wishes you'd probably want to come out on a day when people would least expect it. St. Patrick's Day is a day you expect to see leprechauns and other Irish things, so people would have their eye out for you on that day. Now this isn't the official reason for the holiday, I couldn't find one, but this is the logical reason as to why we celebrate leprechauns today... because they feel safe and are roaming around freely!  The first time a leprechaun popped up was in the medieval story called Adventure of Fergus son of Léti. In that story a king went to sleep on the beach and woke up as he was being drug into the sea. Who was dragging him into the waters? Three leprechauns of course! But they called them lúchorpáins at that time. The king ended up capturing the little fellas and they granted him three wishes so that he'd let them go. So that's how it all began.  Leprechauns are said to enjoy practical jokes and spend their time making and mending shoes. Some say that leprechauns also have found old riches that were buried at war-time, hence the reason they'd be protecting pots of gold. But others think of leprechauns as evil spirits and degenerate fairies that aren't necessarily bad, but they're not good either. And while we're use to seeing them in little green suits with green, buckled hats they actually were said to have worn red before the 20th century.  Either way, we all seem to love these little guys.


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, if you believe in leprechauns then why don't you go on a little hunt for one today? If you find one, there are three wishes in it for you! And if you ask me, your best bet would be to look for rainbows because we all know what's at the end of them. And if you can locate their pot of gold, then I bet they'll be close by. And if not, then you get a pot of gold!  But if you'd rather not go on a hunt then you can creep yourself out by watching some of the Leprechaun movies. There is a short collection of unique, horror movies based on this character that tap into the more evil side of things. But I'm sure if that's too much for you then you can always find a cartoon with leprechauns in it. Or heck, why don't you just eat some Lucky Charms and see what the crazy leprechaun on the box is up to as you munch your charms.  Or you could even dress up as a leprechaun today and strut around your town. But I hope that you're a good runner because some of the other readers might be looking for you today! I'm sure you'll get a lot of odd looks but you'll also get a few people smiling, so have fun with it. And if someone does start chasing you, drop one of those chocolate coins that are wrapped in golden foil before you start running away. That way you can play a little joke on those gold-thirsty, leprechaun snatchers!  Have a great day and don't get caught!

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