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March 23rd is National Melba Toast Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready for a crunchy one because it's National Melba Toast Day!  So thin and oh so crunchy!  Let's get right into celebrating National Melba Toast Day!


Like most food holidays, this crunchy little treat gets its own special day just because so many people enjoy chomping on it! Sure toast is good, but Melba toast is one crunchy step above that.  Originally this toast was created by Auguste Escoffier for Marie Ritz because she couldn't find toast anywhere that was thin enough. Yes, this is the same guy who made Peach Melba and in 1897 he named it after the same exact singer; Dame Nellie Melba. She was eating toast a lot because she was ill so they switched the name to impress her.  It appears that Marie's husband, Cesar, might have been the one to suggest the name change from Toast Marie to Melba Toast, so I'm sure Marie didn't mind too much. Or they had a big fight... over toast!

To make Melba toast all you do is toast some crustless bread, lay it on a plate and then slice it horizontally from end to end. Then you take those two thin slices and toast them again and BAM, Melba toast! It's very simple and it comes out like a crouton cracker. Feel free to top it with anything you like!  Lucky for you, if you're not too good with a knife, you can buy Melba toast in boxes. In fact, they actually use to give this to babies who were teething. That would help those teeth pop out quickly!  Now get to crunchin'!


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, you can simply head to a local grocery store and see if they carry pre-packaged Melba toast; it's probably in the aisle with the crackers.  They come in a variety of flavors so choose one that you think you'll like the best or buy them all and see which variety you like the best!  Quite the effortless way to celebrate.  But if you want to try making your own it's not that hard at all.  Pick up a loaf of your favorite kind of bread and get to toasting!  While you're at it you might as well pick up a topping or two to spread on your toast.

You can always have a little fun today in a couple of different ways.  First off you could have a competition with friends or family to see who can make the best Melba toast.  See who can slice it in two the best and who toasts it at the perfect setting.  I know I burnt one of mine!  And then you can see who can come up with the most creative toppings for their toast.  Don't be afraid to get a little wild with your toppings; you might be surprised what ends up tasting good on Melba toast!  Have a great day and don't forget to clean up those crumbs!

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