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May 21st is National Memo Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you didn't forget what day it is... it's National Memo Day!  Aren't you glad I made a note of it?  Let's get right into celebrating National Memo Day!


Today is a holiday because where would we be without memos? Lost; that's where! People write themselves and others notes all the time to make sure that we don't forget things or to deliver a message when we're not there to give it. It's a simple thing, I know, but it shouldn't be overlooked with how important it actually is. So... we celebrate it!  A memo is short for memorandum which is simply something that helps us remember things by jotting down important aspects. They're used by everyone from children to business owners.

It could be something as simple as a shopping list or a note telling something to use the other door. Or it could be a memo about your business finances... very important stuff!  But when I think of a memo I think of a Post-it Note because I use them all the time! These little 3 inch, square, sticky notes are so handy; I don't know if I could live without them. Oddly enough, it took Dr. Spencer Silver a while to convince 3M to use his "pressure sensitive adhesive" but eventually, with the help of an idea from Art Fry, they came up with a good use for it. And in 1980 the first Post-it Notes were sold! And hey, if you hate when they fall down because they lost their stickiness then you should check out the Post-it Brand Super Sticky notes that they came out with in 2003!  What memos have you read today?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, there are a few different ways you could celebrate. For instance, you could go throughout the day counting how many memos you use. Tally up how many times you actually use memos so that you can get a feel for how important they really are. It doesn't matter if you're writing the memo or reading it; it counts as one!

Or you could do the exact opposite and avoid writing memos today or reading them. See how smoothly your day goes while trying to accomplish things without memos. It might be hard and you might give in, but you'll soon appreciate memos more than ever! See how easy it is to go shopping without a list or to keep the people you work with from eating your food.  And then of course you could shop around and stock up on some good memo supplies. It's always good to have an extra stack of Post-it Notes lying around as well as a fresh shopping list. You could get yourself little notebooks and even pens and pencils to take notes with. And hey, reusable memos count too! So a little chalkboard or dry erase board might be a good investment today.  Enjoy your day and write yourself a note so that you remember to share this article with your friends!

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