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July 28th is National Milk Chocolate Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready to slide some smooth, deliciousness over your tongue because it's National Milk Chocolate Day!  Oh yes, one of the best types of chocolate out there!  Let's get right into celebrating National Milk Chocolate Day!


Well, think about it... when you think of chocolate, what comes to mind? Sure some of you may think of dark chocolate and maybe even white chocolate (I enjoy that myself), but if you're generally talking about chocolate then it's most likely milk chocolate. It all depends on the context and what you like but I'm willing to bet that milk chocolate is the most favored chocolate out there. It's sweet enough and it doesn't last long in your hand before it wants to melt on you, so you eat it quickly! And since everyone seems to love it, it gets it's own holiday.  You'd have to go way back in the 1870's to see the first solid, milk chocolate bar made by Swiss confectioner Daniel Peter, which had condensed milk in it. But there were milk chocolate beverages around even before that. Milk chocolate is made with either condensed milk, powdered milk or regular old liquid milk but there are different standards on what makes chocolate milk chocolate, depending on where you are.

In the United States your chocolate needs at least at 10% concentration of chocolate liquor but the European Union likes to see that at least 25% of your chocolate is from cocoa solids. But even the United Kingdom and Ireland found a way around that through an agreement in 2003 and now they only need their chocolate to be 20% cocoa solids. And if you were to buy that chocolate anywhere else in the European Union they'd call it "family milk chocolate". Nothing wrong with a little family sweetness, right?  Are you ready for your milk chocolate?


So, how can you celebrate today?  I think you know what to do... head to the candy store! Scoop up as much milk chocolate as you can stomach, or afford, and head on back to your lair. Start munching it down and share with everyone around you so that you all can bounce around on a sugar high until you crash. But cut that crash off and pop some more milk chocolate in your mouth while you're at it!  And if you want to have a little fun today, why don't you see who has the coldest hands? All of you should hold an identical chocolate bar in your closed hand and wait. Have a neutral judge watching your hand for signs of melted chocolate. You can even have white paper towels under each of your hands and the first one that has a drop of melted chocolate hit the paper towel loses! What happens to that loser? They have to eat all the melted chocolate that was just in everyone else's hands! It helps to have poor circulation for this competition!  But, if that doesn't sound too fun to you then you can always go on a hunt for really weird milk chocolate creations. You'd be surprised to see what gets mixed in with milk chocolate or covered in it and you might even be more surprised to find that it actually tastes good! So head out with your friends to a bunch of random stores and see what oddities you can find. Then try them out one by one and enjoy the faces everyone makes.  Have a great day and enjoy your chocolate coma!

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