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October 22nd is National Nut Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready to start making crunching noises because it's National Nut Day!  They don't stand a chance against your teeth!  Let's get right into celebrating National Nut Day!


Do you know how many different types of culinary nuts there are out there? I don't know offhand myself, because there are so many different kinds of nuts. But, unless you have some sort of allergy, you probably like at least one kind of nut. And that's the kind of popularity you need in order for a celebration to be centered around a food. We eat them plain or we turn them into butter or flour and now we celebrate them!  But what is a nut? Well, it's actually a type of fruit from different plants that has a hard shell. But this fruit doesn't open up to release its seed; that's left up to animals or humans to break it open or it just decomposes. That's what a true nut is, but we refer to many things that aren't actually nuts at all and then to make up for it we call them "culinary nuts". I mean sure, beechnuts, chestnuts and hazelnuts are all true nuts, but I bet a lot of you are referring to things that aren't the truest of true nuts.

Like for instance, some of the most popular "nuts" are actually the seeds from drupe fruits: almonds, pecans and walnuts. And peanuts? They're legumes! Macadamia nuts are kernels and even cashews are just seeds. But hey, you can still call them nuts and chomp on them all day if you like. They're still crunchy, they're still beneficial and I'm not going to be a nutty stickler!  Go grab yourself a handful!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, why don't you start out with a little nut hunt in your house? Look through your fridge, cabinets and anywhere else you can think of and see if you have anything that includes nuts. It could be something as simple as peanut butter or mixed nuts. I'm sure you can find at least one thing and there you go... you just celebrated!  But what is your favorite nut? Alright, now go to the store and try some new things that include your favorite nut. It could be baked goods, a cereal, a salad or anything else really. Just start out with something you know you love (your favorite nut) and then expand your horizons by trying something new that includes it. This is quite a fun way to celebrate, if I do say so myself.

But you know, there are many different ways to eat nuts and maybe you should have a little fun with your favorite nut. I mean think about it, there are butters, flours and even milks made out of nuts, but has anyone made them out of your favorite nut? Maybe they have, but have YOU made something like a chestnut butter before? Or how does cashew milk sound? What about some macadamia nut flour for those cookies?   Have a great day, but don't get too nutty!

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