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April 30th is National Oatmeal Cookie Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then call your grandma because it's National Oatmeal Cookie Day!  She's makes them just how you like them, doesn't she?  Let's get right into celebrating National Oatmeal Cookie Day!


Today is a holiday because almost all of us have had an oatmeal cookie at some point in our lives. Heck, your grandma might even have her own special recipe and no bake cookies definitely still count as an oatmeal cookie! See you're probably had one of them, haven't you? And if you haven't had an oatmeal cookie in any form then today is a good day to start!  An oatmeal cookie is pretty much just a cookie with some oats in it. You add some quick rolled oats, like you'd use in oatmeal, into your cookie batter after you've mixed everything else up.

You add them in late so that your oats don't get all broken down; you want them to retain their true form to give your cookie a really nice texture. Then you just bake them like you would any other cookie.  But the cookie batter will sometimes have other ingredients in it to give it more of a robust flavor. It's pretty common to have raisins in oatmeal cookies for a different texture and a bit of sweetness. And a lot of people will add things like cinnamon or cloves to give the cookies a unique and old fashioned flavor. And that's just the basic oatmeal cookie recipes; you're always welcome to try something like no bake cookies too!  Are you ready for a helping of oats?


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, you can easily head on down to your local grocery store and scan the shelves for some oatmeal cookies. There will probably be a wide variety to choose from and you can head to the bakery in the store to see if they have some fresh ones. Buy one kind or a bunch to see who makes the best oatmeal cookies. Or you could skip the grocery store and head to a local bakery and get some freshly made oatmeal cookies from people who specialize in baking.

Or you can invite some friends and family over to help you bake up a bunch yourself at home. It doesn't take long at all, you know everything that goes into your cookies and you get to eat them when they are their freshest! And if you don't want to bake then you can make no bake cookies, which are actually a bit better in my opinion ;).  Those little chocolate blobs are sure to appeal to most people.  Have fun with it... try out a bunch of different ingredients like nuts, dried fruit and different seasonings. See who can come up with the most unique oatmeal cookie that actually still tastes good. That's a competition that no one really loses though, since you'll all be eating a bunch of cookies! Don't forget the milk ;).  Enjoy your day and your oats!

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