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October 29th is National Oatmeal Day

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If you're looking for something to do then get ready to fill your stomach because it's National Oatmeal Day!  Now that's a hearty meal!  Let's get right into celebrating National Oatmeal Day!


Well, even though it is usually a healthy meal, a lot of people seem to love eating oatmeal. Most people avoid things that are healthy, but with oatmeal you can add in sweets and fats to make it taste amazing. And yeah, that ruins a bit of the healthy quality but you still feel full for quite some time after eating oatmeal. So maybe that's why it's so popular; people love starting out their day with a simple bowl of oatmeal and not having to worry about eating again any time soon. Either way, enough people like eating it that a holiday had to be erected in its honor!  Now oatmeal just refers to oats that have either been rolled, ground up, steel-cut or crushed, kind of like how cornmeal is just ground up corn. And all you have to do to get oatmeal is de-husk the grains, heat them up and then cool them down. If you want regular old oatmeal then you just grind that up, once it's cooled down. If you want rolled oats then you steam them and flatten them. Steel-cut oats are just little pieces of the oats that are broken up during the de-husking process, then they steam them and flatten them too. So steel-cut oats are more like tiny rolled oats.  But of course, most people don't have a lot of time to cook up a bunch of oatmeal, so that's where quick oats and instant oatmeal comes in. The quick-cooking oats are pretty much steel-cut oats and, obviously, they cook a little faster. But most of you probably have tried the instant oatmeal which comes pre-cooked, dried and has its own flavor bundled up inside. But either way, if you eat oatmeal regularly, then you'll stay quite "regular" yourself and you'll lower your cholesterol. How? With the nice boost of fiber you get from oatmeal, of course!  Let's eat!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, are you all stocked up on oatmeal? If you are then go pour some in a bowl. Alright, now you have a few choices here... you have to pick out some sort of liquid, a sweet and a fat. That's pretty much the combination used by most people to make their oatmeal turn out awesome. You could go with the basic water, sugar and butter routine. You could even combine the liquid and the fat into one and go with a milk and fruit combination. Or you could get wild and pour some coffee in there, drip on some maple syrup and top it with some whipped cream. What? It might be good!  But if you don't have any and it's early in the day then why don't you head to a local diner or restaurant? A lot of places serve oatmeal all the time and they will make it exactly how you like it. So you can kick back and read the paper while you wait for them to bring you a steaming bowl full of awesomeness. Trust me; you won't have to wait too long.  But then of course you can head to store to stock up on oatmeal, so that you are prepared to celebrate the rest of the day if you want. Get a whole vat of it or get some interesting instant oatmeal flavors. You can't go wrong with some peaches and cream, but have you ever had cinnamon roll, baked apple or strawberry and cream oatmeal? I know I haven't... And hey, you can always make some no-bake cookies if you want!  Have a great day and enjoy that fiber!

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