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September 25th is National One Hit Wonder Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready to crank up that music because it's National One Hit Wonder Day!  Oh yes, they need love too!  Let's get right into celebrating National One Hit Wonder Day!


Well, these musicians did make a hit and you probably would remember the song if you heard it again, but most people forget about these one hit wonders. Even though they like that one song, it just seems to get buried under all the new ones they hear. But today is the day to brush off these old, one hit wonders and bathe in their musical excellence! Don't let that one hit die; be proud of these one hit wonderful musicians!  And I'm sure you all know what a one-hit wonder is, right? It's just a band or a musician who only really has a single song that rises up in the charts and everyone seems to like. But why does that happen? Were they in a certain mood at the time and it was just a stroke of good luck that they wrote the right lyrics and put it to the right beat? Or was it that they were coached by their record company to put out a certain type of song, which found success, but then they didn't want to continue making that kind of music?

I don't really know but sometimes it's because the musicians' lives are cut short. But it's our job to help them live on through their music and keep listening to these great hits! I'm sure you've all jammed out to Mambo No. 5, Monster Mash, Tainted Love or Tubthumping at one point or another... and hey, don't be ashamed of it!  Pump up the volume!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, why don't you start out by searching online to find a giant list of one hit wonders? Scan through the list and pick out songs that you remember liking. Then head over to YouTube and start jamming out to them. This might spark some old memories of what you were doing back when these songs were popular.  But if you're feeling brave then why don't you dive a little deeper into their music? Sure, their other songs might not have made it very high in the Billboard charts but there might be some hidden gems! So check out the album that their hit song was on and maybe even check out the most recent music they've put out. You might be surprised how much you really like their other songs!

And if you really want to help keep these hits alive then support the artists and buy some of their music. Go on iTunes and download that one hit you love or buy their CD if you want. If they truly only ever had one hit that made it anywhere then they're going to really need and appreciate every sale they get!   Have a great day and enjoy those hits!

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