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November 25th is National Parfait Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready for some layered sweetness because it's National Parfait Day!  They almost look as good as they taste!  But let's get right into celebrating National Parfait Day!


Because they're pretty freaking tasty, that's why! There are so many different combinations of ingredients you can use for a parfait, so you're sure to please just about anyone's taste buds with this treat. And when food, especially sweet stuff, is as popular as the majestic parfait is then out pops a holiday to celebrate it. That's just how things work! But luckily, this doesn't really have to be a guilty pleasure, depending on how you make it of course.  You see parfait, which means perfect in French, refers to a layered, frozen dessert that got it start back in 1894. In France, they make it with things like eggs, syrup and cream, but that's not quite what a parfait is here, in the United States. Sure, we will sometimes still use the parfait cream, but we like to layer it with things like flavored gelatin, fruit, ice cream and all that. And to make things look too tempting not to eat, we pop it in a clear glass, so you can see all layers of different things.

But how can you make this treat a little bit healthier? Well, a lot of people like to use yogurt, instead of the parfait cream. It's still a dairy product, but it's a bit healthier. And then they layer it with things like fresh fruit, nuts or even granola. So it may look really similar to a fattier version of parfait, but it's actually pretty healthy and it would make a great snack. Yeah, parfait is not just for dessert!  Do you have a spoon on you?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, if you want to take it easy today, then I suggest that you head to a restaurant and get yourself a nice meal. But, you may want to call ahead so that you're sure they actually serve parfait. You don't want to get seated, look at the menu and then say, "Oh.... uh... I changed my mind!" when you see that they don't serve parfait. But a nice dinner, with parfait for dessert is a pretty good way to celebrate today.

And if you're not really into indulging in the sweets, then you can get the yogurt version. That way you don't have to worry about the guilt involved with eating desserts. And yes, many places will have parfaits ready to be eaten on their shelves, near sandwiches and things like that. They're even nice enough to keep the crunchy stuff separated, so that it's quite crunchy once you add it into the mix.  But you know, some people have taken the parfait layers to a new level. Do you want to really surprise the people you're eating dinner with tonight? Then go ahead and cook everything you were going to make in the first place. Then, instead of putting it on plates, layer a little bit of each thing in clear glasses. Yeah, people make "savory" parfaits! And, depending on what each layer is, it can be pretty tasty! I can imagine that a taco parfait would be quite a hit. ;)  Have a great day... in fact, I hope it's parfait!

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