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June 21st is National Peaches & Cream Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready for a flavor combination made in heaven...  That's right; it's National Peaches & Cream Day!  Let's get right into the celebration before you start drooling on your keyboard!


Well, have you tasted anything that was peaches and cream flavor? If you have then you're saying, "It's about time!" instead of asking why this is a holiday. If you haven't then you need to in order to fully understand why people would want to celebrate this treat. So many people enjoy it, so it must be celebrated!  I'm really not sure who first came up with the flavor combination but it always sparks memories of the instant oatmeal I use to eat as I grew up. I loved the stuff and that was just instant oatmeal!

To fully enjoy this combination you'll need to get yourself some peaches, raw or canned, and enjoy the full on juicy sweetness of the peaches. Then you can just straight up top it with cream if you like, but most people add things to it for more flavor.  And I'm not really sure why but dairy products mixed with sugary fruits have always pleased my tongue. When I eat fruity candy I'll often drink a glass of milk along with it. Maybe it's the sweet and creamy combination or maybe it's just that we love fats combined with sugar. Either way this treat is sure to impress you... unless of course you hate peaches and are lactose intolerant! If that's the case then just try some peaches and cream candy so that you don't waste a whole dessert.  Are your taste buds ready for this?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, if you want to eat your peaches & cream how they are truly supposed to be made then maybe you ought to look around and see if any ice cream parlors around you serve it. They're all about their dairy products and sweet stuff so they'll know just how to make it! And hey, I think it'd still count if you had some peaches on top of vanilla ice cream.

But if you don't have an ice cream parlor near you that's willing to serve it to you then head to your local grocery store. Spend a little time scanning the shelves and see how many different peaches and cream items you can find. I'd say buy them all but you might end up with half a shopping cart full! But go ahead and bring home as many of them as you'd like to sample.  And if you really want to get into the celebrating spirit then head to the clothing department and look for some white clothing and oh yes, some peach colored clothing. Deck yourself out in some peaches and cream outfits, turn on 112's Peaches & Cream song and start eating your P&C treats! That would be the best, full on celebration ever.  Enjoy your day and tell your taste buds I said you're welcome!

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