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July 17th is National Peach Ice Cream Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then go grab your bowl because it's National Peach Ice Cream Day!  That should blend nicely with all the hot weather we've had lately, shouldn't it?  Let's get right into celebrating National Peach Ice Cream Day!


Face it; people love ice cream! And in the summer months, they're sucking it down more often than not. And peach-flavored things seem to be very highly favored, so of course people love peach ice cream! It may not be the most common flavor out there but if you love peaches then you'll probably love peach ice cream. And since it's so well liked, and has its own holiday, you now how the opportunity to feast on a big bowl full, or cone, of peach ice cream!  And it's a 24 hour holiday so, if you really want to, you can eat it all day. But what type of peach ice cream will you choose? There are peach ice creams that have a light orange color and are artificially or naturally flavored with peach. That would be a nice, smooth option. But there are also peach ice creams that have chunks of actual peaches in them. That would add a different texture to it, boost the flavor and make things a bit more natural.

Some will be vanilla ice cream with peach chunks and others will be peach ice cream with peach chunks. I think the peachier the ice cream the better! But of course I guess we can technically also include those people to like to slice up peaches and include them with their ice cream. Or people who pour peach sauce over their ice cream. You can't hate on the people who at least attempt to celebrate!  You better get to scooping!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, let's take the easy option first and head on down to our local ice cream parlor. I'm sure they'll have some kind of peach ice cream there waiting for you. And if they don't I bet they could whip something up for you. They could slice up some peaches, toss them in a mixer with some vanilla ice cream and perhaps you'll end up with some peach, soft serve ice cream! Trust me; it won't be that hard for them to come up with some way to get some peach ice cream in your mouth. Heck, bring your own peach with you if you want!  But you're always welcome to head to your local grocery store and scan the freezer aisles for some peach ice cream. I would be surprised, unless it's a small store, if they didn't have peach ice cream waiting for you there. You can even up the ante and get some fresh peaches and possibly a peach sauce to go with your peach ice cream. Then you can put a few scoops of peach ice cream in a bowl, put a couple slices of peaches without the skin in the bowl with it and then drown it in some peach syrup!  But hey, if you've got some time then you can always make your own peach ice cream! Homemade ice cream is some of the best tasting ice cream you'll ever eat because you control everything that goes into it... You can decide what type of milk or cream you want to use, how much sugar you want to put in and then what type of peach goodness you want to include. If I were you I'd go with chunks of peaches and some peach extract. Now all you have to do is decide which way you want to make your ice cream.  Enjoy your day and don't get brain freeze!

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