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January 13th is National Peach Melba Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then grab a bowl of ice cream because it's National Peach Melba Day!  But be careful, this fruity dessert dish might have you coming back for seconds.  Let's get right into celebrating National Peach Melba Day!


It's a food holiday, so there's no real reason for the date that was chosen BUT this dessert was invented in honor of an Australian singer in the late 1800's!  In 1892, Dame Nellie Melba, a soprano, was to perform in the opera Lohengrin at the Covent Garden. Auguste Escoffier, a French chef, was working at the Savoy Hotel at the time and wanted to create a new dessert to honor her.

He went all out and put vanilla ice cream on an ice scuplture of a swan, which was featured in the opera, and then put peaches on the ice cream and spun sugar on top. Could you imagine having a dessert like that brought out in honor of you?  In 1900, he created a new version of this dessert when he was the head chef at the Carton hotel on its opening night. He didn't go with an ice sculpture this time, but instead added raspberry puree as the topping instead of spun sugar. The second version is more common today but some people use raspberry sauce or red currant jelly as a topping.  However you decide to make this treat, make sure that you savor every bite because it's delicious!


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, if you plan on going out to eat tonight, search for Peach Melba on the menu and maybe you'll luck out and not have to make it yourself. Nothing tastes better than food that's prepared for you, right?  But if you're not lucky enough to find it on the dessert menu, you can always make some yourself. It's not that hard, trust me!  All you really need is some peaches, sugar, vanilla ice cream and some raspberries. And since the fruit isn't in season, you can opt for canned peaches and frozen raspberries. Just be sure to thaw the raspberries before you start.
You could even poach your peaches and make your raspberry puree ahead of time and then just keep them on hand in the fridge so that any time you could go for some vanilla ice cream you already have your toppings ready!  It's not a difficult dish to make but it comes out looking like quite the high class treat and man is it tasty! I had to hold myself back from eating a second helping of it.  And hey, you could always listen to some opera while you eat to really class things up and honor the woman this tasty treat was named after.  I'd tell you to chisel a swan out of a block of ice but that's a little crazy, even for me haha!  I hope you have a delicious day! And if you end up eating two bowls of this, I don't blame you!

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