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August 24th is National Peach Pie Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then hold onto your taste buds because it's National Peach Pie Day!  Yes, your day just got better... you're welcome!  Let's get right into celebrating National Peach Pie Day!


Honestly; you had to ask? I mean, it's the perfect time of year to eat some juicy peaches and pie... come one! Who doesn't love a good pie? So if there was a way to make peaches even sweeter and get it on a plate in front of you, wouldn't you be all for that? I thought so! And you are definitely not the only one who loves the idea of peach pie because the popularity of its deliciousness is the reason why people celebrate it today.  People have been making pies since way back in the Egyptian times and stuffing them full of all kinds of tasty things. Sure, they might have started out as simple honey pies but someone got the brilliant idea to pop some fruit in there and I'm thankful for that today. So, what's it take to be considered a pie? Well, I would say all it takes is a shallow, usually round pan that you pop at least one crust in and then fill it with goodness. That's pretty much it and don't tell me you didn't know that already!

But, what's it take to be a peach pie? You tell me! Peaches? Correct. Most peach pies will have a crust on the bottom and then some lattice work done to the crust or just a solid piece of crust on top. What you put inside is up to you but a nice sugar, flour and butter mixture will give you a delicious syrup all over your peach slices. But hey, if you want to pop in some other kind of fruit in there then go for it!  The more flavor the better! 


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, you're in luck because I'm willing to bet that some bakery, grocery store or restaurant near you has a peach pie waiting for you to munch on it. Go for the freshest of the fresh if you can but those little handheld pies they have stocked on grocery store shelves will work too. I mean hey, you didn't have to bake it, right? And that's the best way to relax and celebrate!

But, if you have a little time you can make a peach pie yourself. Heck, you can buy canned peach pie filling and some rolled up crusted and have that pie in the oven in no time! If that's too unhealthy for you then take a step back and use canned peaches, your own pie filling ingredients and make your own pie crust dough. Want to be even healthier? Then start with some fresh peaches!  But it's a celebration, right? So, why don't you get creative with things? You could make a creamy pie filling and have a peaches and cream pie today. You could thicken up your pie filling and leave the top crust off; drop top peach pie ;). You can even add in some blueberries, raspberries or any other fruit you can think of. How can you go wrong with another flavorful fruit, right? How does a kiwi peach pie sound to you? Crazy... but it might be good! And think of all the different kinds of crust you can use too... let those creative juices flow!  Have a great day and enjoy the sweetness!

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