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June 12th is National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then grab a cup of milk because it's National Peanut Butter Cookie Day!  People can't seem to get enough of that peanut butter goodness!  Let's get right into celebrating National Peanut Butter Cookie Day!


Well, think about it... have you noticed how many peanut butter or peanut holidays there's been? People must really enjoy this flavor, huh? And you know that those same people are loving up on some cookies too. So when you combine peanut butter flavor with cookies they are going to explode with happiness and can do nothing but celebrate. And the day for that celebration is today.  But some of you know that George Washington Carver was all about promoting peanuts as a substitution for cotton crops.

The dang boll weevil was messing things up! And he was so into peanuts that he wrote many different bulletins to promote the usage of them. One such bulletin came out in 1916 called "How to Grow the Peanut and 105 Ways of Preparing it for Human Consumption" and in that bulletin were three recipes for peanut cookies. They chopped them up at that time, when using them as a cookie ingredient, but by the early 1920s peanut butter became the ingredient in these cookies.  And the smoothness of peanut butter makes for such a chewy cookie that has the peanut butter taste all through it. And if you bake these cookies yourself then there's no way that you won't be able to smell them. If I enjoyed the sound of hearing myself chew on food I'd say that these cookies please all your senses. But four out of five isn't too bad ;).  Is your mouth watering yet?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, one of the easiest and best ways to celebrate today might be to head to your local bakery and pick up some freshly baked peanut butter cookies. You don't have to bake them; you just get to celebrate right away! There are no dishes to clean, just cookies to munch. Mhmmm, a sweet celebration!  But if you're still looking for the easy way out, you can head to your grocery story and check out their cookie aisle. I'm sure they'll have quite a variety for you to choose from, but of course they won't be as fresh as the first option. And since it's a celebration, you might as well look for the most creative flavor combinations you can find. And hey, don't forget the milk!  But if you're crafty in the kitchen then bake up your favorite peanut butter cookie recipe today. You might as well bake a bunch too because I'm sure people will follow their nose to your kitchen. And why don't you get a little creative today? Think about some interesting things you could do with peanut butter cookies. How about pressing peanut butter cookie batter into a pie tin and baking up some cheesecake, a cream pie or even a strawberry pie? Or you could bake some peanut butter cookies and then dip them in melted milk chocolate to have your own peanut butter cup cookies! Let those creative juices flow.  I hope you have a great day and don't overdose on peanut butter!

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