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August 22nd is National Pecan Torte Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then save room for dessert because it's National Pecan Torte Day!  I know, it's hard to turn down this flaky goodness!  So let's get right into celebrating National Pecan Torte Day!


Well, once you eat some pecan torte I'm sure you'll know why people want to celebrate it. Sure, it depends on the recipe and your personal tastes but the deliciousness of this dessert has been noticed by many and they just want an excuse to eat it all day, for at least one day out of the year. And after eating some myself, I'm more than willing celebrate along with them. Bring on the pecan tortes!  The origins of this flaky dessert can be found in Central Europe. The word itself comes from the Italian word torta, which meant a round cake or bread. Then the Germans got a hold of the word, changed it to torte and it meant something completely different. But we use the same spelling as the Germans and it now refers to a cake once again. And that cake is usually layered with crust, cake, icing, fruit or nuts.

But of course today's celebration calls for pecans! So it really doesn't matter how you make it just make sure that each layer has pecans and some kind of icing and then you can feel free to use any other ingredients you want. But there usually isn't much for flour used; instead you'll want to grind up some pecans or breadcrumbs. And then as you cool it down you want to glaze it and then probably sprinkle it with some more chopped pecans. Then you're good to go!  Does that sound tempting to you?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, it would probably be a good idea to call around to some bakeries in your area first to see if you can skip baking one yourself. You might luck out and find a beautiful pecan torte waiting for you to chomp on it! And you can even expand your search and call some restaurants to see if they have it on their menu too. There's nothing wrong with wanting to relax a little while you celebrate so you might as well see if that option is available first!

But if you can't locate any then start searching your favorite recipe sites online and find an easy pecan torte recipe to whip up. Google is even willing to help you out with their recipe search option off to the left. So figure out what ingredients you need, head to the grocery store and get ready to whip up some sweet magic!  But you are always welcome to switch things up a little bit to make your torte more appealing to your taste buds. You can add in little chunks of fruit you love or even a jam or jelly. You can swap in your favorite kind of frosting or use some chocolate covered pecans. You could even modify a recipe so that it's more like a layered pecan pie if you want. And if you go with the last option, I recommend you glaze it with some caramel sauce.  Have a great day and I'm sorry this isn't helping your waistline!

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