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November 12th is National Pizza with the Works (Except Anchovies) Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you're hungry because it's National Pizza with the Works (Except Anchovies) Day!  I hope you don't like anchovies!  But, let's get right into celebrating National Pizza with the Works (Except Anchovies) Day!


Well, people love pizza; you can't deny that! But if you are really hungry, you'll get a pizza with "the works" on it, right? It's a feast on its own and you don't want to go ruining it with smelly old anchovies. So it's very popular type of pizza that has one common exclusion: no anchovies! And if you don't think this pizza will appeal to all your friends, then your friends must not be able to pick off the toppings they don't like. You start off with a huge amount of toppings and you can filter things down so that eventually every single pizza lover out there is happy. And that's why we celebrate this pizza!  But what exactly is "the works"? Well, I'm sure most of you realize that when you say that phrase, you pretty much mean you want almost everything on it. And most pizza places will load you up with basic meats as well as vegetables. So you'll probably end up with pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, onions, black olives, mushrooms and maybe even some ham. Yep, it's pretty much the supreme!   So you're getting a whole lot of protein, tons of veggies, a good amount of carbohydrates and dairy... now all you need is some fruit, right? I mean, if you're going all out then you might as well balance everything out with something like pineapple. Yeah, we're skipping those anchovies for a reason; those little fish smell and they would ruin the whole flavor of the pizza. And that's the beauty of "the works" you can add in anything you want, as long as it's on the menu or in your house. With such a flexible pizza, it's no wonder why people want to celebrate it.  Are you ready to pick your toppings?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Come on... you know the easiest way to celebrate food holidays by now! That's right; head on over to your favorite pizza place! You can order up a supreme pizza as your starting point and then add or subtract any toppings as you please. What better way to celebrate a day like this than to have a whole, piping hot pizza served up right to you? And if you're thinking about getting wings too, then why don't you just have them put the spiced up chicken on your pizza? Yeah, they can do that!  But you can also make your own pizza today. And you can go with a frozen one if you want, but we both know that if you make it from scratch it is going to taste amazing! So start with the crust and think of ways you can go all out and end up with "the works". How's a stuffed crust with a nice garlic glaze sound? And then you have the sauce which you can herb and spice up any way you want. And then how many different cheeses can you fit on your pizza, right? Then you have meats, vegetables and fruits to choose from.  But if you're really creative then you'll try to come up with special ways to go all out with your toppings. How many of you have tried salmon on your pizza? Hey... it could be good! Or what if you went with "the works" barbeque style? What do I mean by that? Well... you put macaroni and cheese on as your cheese, and then your toppings are kernels of corn, chopped up hot dogs and chunks of ground beef. Oh and your sauce is straight up ketchup! Come on... try it!  Have a great day and enjoy exploring "the works"!

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