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February 12th is National Plum Pudding Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then break out your raisins and spice because it's National Plum Pudding Day!  Yes, it's actually called Christmas Pudding too.  Let's get right into celebrating National Plum Pudding Day!


Plum pudding is a very traditional treat that has been around for a long time, so of course someone would want to celebrate it, but the reason for this day to be chosen is a bit odd. In fact, there's no reason for this day to be chosen. Plum pudding is also called Christmas pudding because that's around the time that it's usually eaten!  You see, way back in medieval times in England the Roman Catholic church said that this pudding should be made on the twenty-fifth Sunday after the Trinity. It had to have 13 ingredients to represent Christ and his twelve apostles and it had to be stirred from east to west to honor the wise men that traveled in that direction. Almost sounds like a ritualistic treat, doesn't it?

But here's the funny part... there are no plums in plum pudding! Why? Because, in those days, fruits like raisins were called plums, and there are plenty of raisins in this! There are so many different ways to make this but it usually includes raisins, spices, breading and citrus juices. Then it's steamed for many hours before being served. It's very rich and flavorful!  I will admit that it doesn't look that appealing and isn't my favorite thing to eat but someone must love it for it still to be around, right?


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, you can look online or go to a store and pick up some plum pudding. It'll save you a lot of time and you can see what it's all about. You might end up loving it or you might end up being tempted into tossing it at someone. It does have an appealing shape in terms of throwing things, doesn't it? ;)  But resist; give it to someone else if you hate it!
Or you can get all traditional and gather up your 13 spices and head to your kitchen. It'll take a long time to steam it but I'm sure it'll come out tasting a lot better than a boxed version! All the preservatives they add to the ready-made versions definitely modify the taste.  And trust me, as you cook this people are going to start letting their noses lead them to you. They're going to wonder what the heck you're cooking because it is so aromatic. It does have a very nice smell to it and I'm sure those that are lead to you by their noses will be willing to try out the plum pudding with you. Just don't forget to stir it in the right direction if you're trying to be traditional ;).  It doesn't matter how you decide to celebrate today, I hope it's a fruit and spice-filled day for you! It never hurts to try new things, does it?

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