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May 20th is National Quiche Lorraine Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you like bacon, eggs and cheese because it's National Quiche Lorraine Day!  This is one pie you should eat for breakfast!  Let's get right into celebrating National Quiche Lorraine Day!


Today is a holiday because breakfast food combined into a pie form is just too good to pass up. Most of us enjoy bacon, eggs, cheese and milk in many different ways, and a quiche makes it easy to consume all of them at once! When you combine such well-liked flavors AND make it easy to consume then you're bound to have people wanting to celebrate such a wonderful creation.  A quiche may be considered French cuisine but the word actually came from the German word kuchen which means cake. And a quiche Lorraine just refers to a quiche that originated in the Lorraine region.

It's an open pie with an egg and cream custard filling; in Lorraine they call it migaine. The crust on the bottom was at first made from bread dough but now a days it's a pastry crust and the quiche is usually baked in a springform pan.  The Quiche Lorraine will also have smoked bacon in it as well as cheese, but the cheese wasn't originally in the recipe. Plus some people like to add in onions, but that makes it a little more like a quiche alsacienne. It's a very flavorful food that's easy to consume and once you have a bite of it you'll see why people want to celebrate it.  Would you like a slice?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, I'm sure you can find a restaurant around you that bakes these on the regular. That'd save you a little time and you'd get to sample the flavors exactly how they're supposed to be. So you're more than welcome to leave the cooking up to the professionals and relax during your celebration.  But if you can't find a place that will serve you quiche Lorraine then you can easily make some yourself. It's not the hardest thing to bake at all. Just make sure that you start out with a deep dish pie crust and bake it in your oven beforehand to ensure that it's fully cooked. I recommend poking some holes in the bottom of it with a fork to keep it from rising up as it bakes.

Then you get the pleasure of whipping up all the ingredients. But since it's a celebration you can decide between making the recipe exactly as you're told (if you haven't eaten it before) or making some modifications to spice things up a bit. If you're going to make some modifications then just look at the ingredients to see what you could swap out.   You could use regular bacon, turkey bacon, Canadian bacon or even maple glazed bacon. You could use white, green or red onions. You can use any percentage of milk or maybe even half and half or heavy whipping cream. Are you bold enough to try chocolate milk? And of course there are a TON of different cheeses you can include. So have fun swapping in different ingredients!  Enjoy your day and enjoy your breakfast pie at any time of the day!

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